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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Ryan health care plan -- "Groupon for Grandmas"

We're slow on the uptake; yesterday was the first we heard that one, although apparently, it's been around for weeks. Ryan's buddy, Gatsby Wyden, was his BFF on health care until recently; maybe he's a Groupon man, too.

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Actually I think "Prepaid" Health Care in the form of a Debit Card, Groupon, or Prepaid Gift Card is a winner! Let the consumer shop for the best value deal. One of the reasons health care - like higher education - is "over valued" is because we have put them on a pedestal, and treat them differently then any other consumer good or service - and they are NO different.

Well Mark, wait until you have a preexisting condition and happen to be 70 years, old what insurance company in their right mind is going to accept a coupon? Or better yet, at 70 years old go and try to find a Doctor that will even accept Medicare assignments now.

Phil I don't care about your personal circumstances - you have Medicare, I have nothing - your job is to be a good consumer of care regardless of you personal circumstances, and direct your health care dollars accordingly. Health care would be less expensive with more competition and companies would compete for the privilege of providing you care. Currently YOU are a victim of the Medicare System that "pays" providers to favor patients who need specific care. The Federal Government pays for care based upon politics not need, and with Obama Care it is already getting worse.

Can't wait until people discover that being old is a pre-existing condition in itself. Look at any graph of per capita usage of health care dollars by age--goes up dramatically for those 65+. This idea that health companies will magically compete and offer low rates to people in the highest expense category is an absolute joke. Look at how many banks are competing to give loans to people in bankruptcy!

Dave J. - 65 & over have MEDICARE, so whats the big deal - you have to plan scrimp and save for retirement - if you don't - then you are your own worst enemy. Competition increases quality, and efficiency, and YOU direct you dollars accordingly. This "government intervention" has stifled automation within the health care community, raised prices, and reduced quality of care - and it is going to get worse.

Competition increases quality, and efficiency

This presumes all sorts of other things that in fact are not true when it comes to the US economy in general, and in particular are not true when it comes to the health care sector of the economy.

The biggest issue with healthcare is they can virtually charge whatever they want. I doubt that "competition" is going to work, as most facilities function as a monopoly.

For example, if you get injured and need to go to the hospital, are you going to shop around for the best rate as you are bleeding to death?

This is an industry that needs cost containment through regulation. It should not be allowed to charge 400-2000% above the actual cost of a service or item.

If Mark were right, you would think the U.S., which has more 'free market competition' than other fully developed countries with gummint health care would have lower health care costs. Instead, we pay what, something like three times what they do for worse overall outcomes? Sometimes the marketplace just doesn't deliver the magic.

Mark, I have Medicare because I buy it, it's NOT a Freebie

Mark, please tell me you meant that "government intervention" has stifled innovation in the health care industry. 'Cause I'm OK with the government getting in the way of robot anaesthesiologists and assembly-line splenectomies.

I work in the health care industry - we pay more because we don't have competition for your business, the next step is automating, you "face time" with support personnel, billing, and eliminating mistakes. Kitzhaber & Obama's mission is to incert government between you and your health care provider, solely to increase cost. You have no idea of the "business" of health care delivery to the consumer.

The scary thing is that they often charge ridiculous rates BECAUSE of insurance. I remember going to an ear/eye/nose and throat doc @ my hearing. He saw me for less than 10 minutes, brought in the wrong chart and didn't even examine me. I also saw an audiologist who tested my hearing. The audiologist's fee was quite reasonable but the careless specialist doctor's fee for ten minutes was more than (at the time) Robert Shapiro was charging to represent OJ Simpson (figured on an hourly basis). I was so appalled that I got Regence Blue Cross on the phone to give them a heads up and to complain. No skin off my nose at that time because I was covered. They told me, "He's within the parameters. He's entitled to ask for that much."

No wonder we're in trouble.

"Let's see... Legacy is having a 2 for 1 Ultrasound special, better go with them. Providence has the cheapest lab work, so I will let them run my cholesterol. I heard that OHSU can do my gallbladder removal for $1000 less as long as I am out by 10am and supply my own catheter."

"What Doc? You want the records from my CT scan four years ago? Hmmm...I can't remember who was offering discounts back then."

Yeah, bargain shopping my medical care sounds like loads of fun and awesome for my health.

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