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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Reader poll: Who will be the next mayor of Portland?

There are only 42 days until the counting of the ballots in the Portland mayoral election. Who do you think will win? Now, we're not asking whom you want to win, or for whom you are voting, or would vote. We want your prediction.

Who will win the Portland mayoral election?
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Comments (5)

It matters not; you will lose. Money. Respect. Self-esteem. All is/are lost.

I live outside of Portland, so I won't participate. I think Sam L. pretty much summed it up.

I think this poll is slanted. Nobody's said that Charlie Hales is nuts, but the poll implies that Jefferson Smith doesn't lie.

It is a sad state of affairs, no matter what happens.

Who cares? Portland is screwed either way!

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