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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Perv-harboring Catholic bishop convicted

And he gets off with two years' probation.

Wonder what his sentence will be in hell.

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I hope his "Hell" will be here and now! along with the truly sick so called "priest" who took porno pictures of baby girls!

People who give them money every Sunday should burn a little, too.

First, serious, not sarcastic, kudos to the prosecutor who went after the Bishop.

Second, too bad it was only probation. The only way to make sure these guys get the message is to put them in jail, whether for the enabling, like this bozo, or the actual abusers. Six months behind bars would have done wonders as a general deterrent for the Catholic heirarchy as well as those in the other authoritarian churches where this issue seems to arise so frequently like the LDS folks.

Third, wanna' bet the $ 10,000 fund the judge ordered comes out of the collection plate and not Finn's pocket?

Oh, of course! He's not going to pay anything. The faithful flock will pungle up.

Unfortunately there is no hell. It's tempting to rely on a vengeful god to set things right. It makes you feel at ease. That notion is manipulated in favor of the criminal in these cases. It is easy to retreat into the "I don't know what happened, but he'll answer to God."

That's the end of it for many people.

Probation? That judge needs to be recalled.

The max was a year in jail and $1000 fine.
Too bad that Bishop isn't in the slammer right now!
And yes the sheeple in the steeple will probably foot the bill for that so called fund to educate.

The two years' probation was suspended. So essentially he walked, although the pressure for him to resign is ratcheting up.

Oh brother! This just gets more disgusting and creepy by the minute!

I know Jack doesn't like to let facts get in the way of his Catholic bashing, but here they are:

Bishop Finn was not found guilty of a felony: he was found guilty of one misdemeanor, and innocent of another. The case did not involve child sexual abuse—no child was ever abused, or touched, in any way by Father Shawn Ratigan. Nor did this case involve child pornography. Here’s what happened.

On December 16, 2010, a computer technician found crotch-shot pictures of children, fully clothed, on Ratigan’s computer; there was one that showed a girl’s genitals exposed. The next day Ratigan attempted suicide. The Vicar General, Msgr. Robert Murphy, without seeing the photos, contacted a police officer about this matter. The officer, after consulting with another cop, said a single photo of a non-sexual nature would not constitute pornography. After a few more of the same types of photos were found, an attorney rendered the same judgment: they were not pornographic.

Finn then asked a psychiatrist to evaluate Ratigan. The bishop was given the judgment of a professional: the priest was not a risk to children (he was diagnosed as suffering from depression). (Let's stop trusting psychiatrists) Finn then placed restrictions on Ratigan, which he broke. When it was found that Ratigan was again using a computer, upon examination more disturbing photos were found. Murphy then called the cops (Finn was out of town) and a week later Ratigan was arrested. Yesterday, Finn was found guilty of one misdemeanor of failing to report suspected child sexual abuse.

And he will burn in hell. Look in the mirror, John. You might be next to him.

Plenty of company from other hypocritical religious leaders. About half of the pedophile cases are trumped up anyway....but hey, they are easy wins for the law profession. The religious right fomented lots of destructive trends in its heyday, and the religious left has gone completely looney tunes, in to race baiting behavior. Now the religious right does the ol' switcheroo into blatlantly anti -US, pro-deviant and race baiting political advocacy.

Hell is gonna be crowded, apparently.

About half of the pedophile cases are trumped up anyway....but hey, they are easy wins for the law profession.

Behold, Satan himself speaks.

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