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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Perfectly Portland, Food Cart Edition

Every picture tells a story, don't it?

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Where can an old curmudgeon like me find a dirty diaper when he needs one.

The very thought of being dared to be a dick...let me count the ways to keep his panties tightly knotted! Sounds like his food cart tires are more than a bit over-inflated...just for starters.

tolerance.....peace........love.....harmony in the universe..........

Just had this conversation with my family, being the only male in the house: Why is "dick" okay to toss around like common verbiage, while vulgar references to female anatomy are taboo, or even beyond that, "... the most horrible, disgusting, evil words that a human can possibly utter...?" Seriously, Shakespeare got away with "cunny." When did words carry a death sentence?

Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity usually applies. I'd guess most garbage in the average unattended recycling bucket comes from folks who simply didn't notice. After that would be folks who found the regular trash bucket full. OF course after seeing that note, well....

I envision some would-be dick repurposing this note-festooned recycling bin as a Mini Loo, particularly when the alcoholic beverage vending at the carts builds up a head o'steam.

Hee Hee...absolutely....doggie doo bags anyone?

Classic Portland. Land of the passive-aggressives.

I bought a $3 beer the other day at a downtown bar and gave a $1 tip. I got, "Hey, I work you know?"

I paid with a $5 and the guy acted like he wasn't going to give me my change! He wanted both dollars. I gave him the, "I work too fucker." I just blurted it out, I don't actually work that much, but more them him surely.

He looked EXACTLY like you'd think too, all jazzed up with skin trinkets and snappy tattoos. It was dark but I think he had one of those nose rings like you would lead a bull around with...I wonder if he knows what those are used for?

Maybe I should have shown him, HA!

So yes, P-Town is getting far beyond silly.

Man, this is sad. For such a pleasant place to live, in what was once a under-the-radar blue-collar town which, to me at least, seemed like a more relaxed West Coast version of a no-nonsense New England city, it's depressing to witness this.

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