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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Paint is nearly dry

Tough month of September for Little Lord Paulson's soccer club. They scored five goals in as many games and went 0-2-3. Last night's contest was another scintillating 1-1 tie. The Timbers last won on August 31.

Meanwhile, there's this news about the league's popularity on television. Bleak indeed. It's obviously captured the hearts of weird Portland, but it ain't playing in Peoria.

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Well, it's playing in Kansas City, at least in the numbers of fannies in the seats. SportingKC is huge out here.
I drive by the Royals Stadium every night on my way home from work; I was in college during the glory years; the stadium's not far from my childhood home and it breaks my heart to see all the empty seats.

I look forward to the entire league dying in another three years or so. Comcast is now in the driver's seat at NBC Networks; and they are all about revenue and numbers. Unless the ad revenues and ratings numbers improve, they will dump soccer when the current broadcast contract ends.

at least in the numbers of fannies in the seats.

That won't save the league. Without TV money, it's a Ponzi scheme of new franchise fees.

Americans for the most part, would much rather watch young men (and boys for that matter) irrefutably damage themselves in body and brain for individual entertainment purposes. I do not understand this gladiator mentality.

I thought it was ironic when Merritt Paulson confronted the refs after the game last night. Apparently he wanted to hold them accountable for screwing the Timbers on a hand ball call.

Meanwhile if we had accountability in the financial sector there's a good chance Merritt's dad, Henry Paulson - the Timbers money man and minority owner - would be in prison for screwing America. So relax, Merritt, you probably wouldn't own the team, if people were held accountable.

Maybe if the refs formed a Wall Street investment firm you'd give them a pass.

It's not unlike hearing Mitt Romney complain about debt creation. Creating debt was how he got rich.


Is Jeld-Wen within the fortified wine boundary? That could keep the fans happy.

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