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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

New on our radar screen (or is it sonar?)

We got this in the snail mail today. Readers, help us translate.

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Your address is unredacted.

Yeah, thanks. It's easy enough to get, but I should probably make it a little harder for the wackos.

There -- all fixed.

Wrong fish....
We got one of those letters too....and I was feeling so special too with my name spelled wrong and everything.

Return address on envelope: Pier 39 in Astoria. On the letter: obvious political operatives in Salem.

Mine hit the circular file. I did not miss much.

Say no and go with the Kitz's plan.

Say nothing and it's the Kitz's plan.

Say yes and and it court time for the Kitz's

The Kitz's win all bid, but I like the Grange the best.

Inland folks crippled the timber industry on the coast and around the state, and now they're coming for the other big industry with jobs. Why do they hate us?

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