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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Move over, Honey Boo Boo

You just know this reality show will be on your TV soon.

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Nice to know they are breeding. Future looks bright.

"Coulson and Filippone both have a child by the same father and have clashed in the past, police said."

Girls, Girls. I can assure you this dude is NOT worth fighting over. A high-sperm count is nice, but remember this: quality over quantity.

And that's a no-quality guy.

You really SHOULD start putting a 'snort alert' on posts like this. Do you have any idea how much (and for how long) your nose burns when you laugh so suddenly / hard that you snort out a mouthful of Canada Dry Ginger Ale through it???

I see something positive coming out of this, though: Tonya Harding wasn't one of the four involved. Are we finally seeing a more mature, gentle Tonya? Or is she just no longer living in Beaverton?

I guess this answers the age old question of "Where's the beef?"

4 ladies showed up to cause grief with a 5th lady? That can never go as planned. Should I be using the word 'lady'?

I thought Tonya was a native Clackastani?

This happened on my street, before I got home from work. The police cars were leaving as I turned into the neighborhood. I never get to see the good stuff!

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