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Friday, September 7, 2012

Hales offers compromise plan to settle longstanding dispute

Portland mayoral candidate Charlie Hales, facing continuing questioning about whether he lived in Washington to pay less taxes, and shouldn't have voted in Oregon -- or lived in Oregon, and shouldn't have claimed Washington residency for tax purposes -- today unveiled a compromise plan. Hales told a group of reporters that from now on, he plans to vote and pay taxes only in Idaho.

"Look, I'm not moving anywhere, and I still plan to be Portland's next mayor," the beleaguered candidate said, as his political advisor, Mark Wiener, looked on approvingly. "This is just a practical solution to address these issues once and for all, so we can get back to the business of politics."

Why Idaho? "We wanted a compromise, and since Idaho borders both states, we thought it was a good choice." Asked if he was up to date on the ballot measures in his new state, Hales smiled and said, "Not completely, but I am looking hard at HJR 2, the ballot measure that adds the right to hunt and fish to the state constitution."

Hales's comments were made on a walking tour of the St. Johns neighborhood in north Portland, where he shook hands with supporters and regaled undecided voters with a list of accomplishments, many of them his own. Some of the neighbors whose doorbells he rang seem unimpressed. "Are you wearing a wire?" asked Hazel Stumpf, a longtime St. Johns resident, through her screened and barred front door. "Am I going to be in Willamette Week?"

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I don't think Hales should be campaigning right now given the sensitive nature of today's Jefferson Smith story. Sure, you can argue that a hijacked drone dropping bombs on motorists has got nothing to do with Smith's qualifications for mayor, but I think there's more to it than just a man, his brain, and his drone.

Look, nobody has been more critical of Jefferson Smith than I have, but there's a time to set politics aside and hope - on a human level - that Smith gets the help he needs.

Sorry to cut this short, but I've got to get moving now. KATU just reported the drone over my neighborhood.

That would be his "Own Private Idaho"...

Maybe he has cars registered in both states. Would that make it OK?

Sure he's wearing a wire -- it goes to the remote-control box that Homer is holding!

Did I mention you guys are screwed?

I believe I did.

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