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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Great minds think alike

Many of the players in our pro football underdog game are clustering around two teams today: St. Louis and Arizona, both of whom prevailed against the odds last weekend. Here are the picks as of early this morning:

9 ST. LOUIS at Chicago - Jeremy, Michael K., George, Rudie, Ted, Paul, Gary, JMH, Cinderella Story, Dr. D, John Cr.
9 KANSAS CITY at New Orleans - Bob
7 MINNESOTA vs. San Francisco - pdxmick, Juicen, Broadway Joe
7 TAMPA BAY at Dallas - Sola
4.5 OAKLAND vs. Pittsburgh- Biggest Cubs Loser, Ricardo
4 ARIZONA vs. Philadelphia - Pete Rose, Usual Kevin, Dave A., Will, DB Cooper, Bad Brad, Tung, Annie, Tinknocker
3.5 CINCINNATI at Washington - Carol, Gordon
3.5 SEATTLE vs. Green Bay (Monday) - Pete Rozelle, genop
3 ATLANTA at San Diego - PDXileinOmaha, NoPoGuy, MickeyMac37NYC
3 MIAMI vs. New York Jets - Grizfan, Drewbob
3 NEW ENGLAND at Baltimore - Lucas, Coastal Storm, John Ch., genop's gal
3 CLEVELAND vs. Buffalo - Bayou Baby

For our players to win points, their 'dog must win outright -- not just beat the spread. The less likely the upset, the more points that the winning players earn for their favorite charities.

Our usual note: These are the picks as of earlier this morning, several hours before the deadline. (This post is being triggered by a robot.) If additional picks have come in (or changes have been made) after this post was written but before the deadline, they will be added to this post as soon as we can get to it later today.

Have a great first Sunday of autumn, and enjoy the games, everyone!

UPDATE, 12:46 p.m.: We've entered MickeyMac37NYC's and Drewbob's picks, which were timely received.

UPDATE, 7:53 p.m.: It's been a big day for the underdogs, with 20 of our players racking up points so far, and several more still very much in the running this evening and tomorrow.

Comments (2)

OK, so I'm not in the "Pick a Dog" beauty contest. But I have to vent on Fox sports. They showed the last few minutes of THREE games going into overtime...AND CUT AWAY. WHY? So Terry Bradshaw could explain how you can "log onto" their website to follow the last few seconds of those CLOSE REAL FOOTBALL games because they need to show ... SOCCER? WTF?

A wild day in the NFL. Holy moley!

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