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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Goldschmidt Party endorses Hales

Its spokesman made the announcement earlier today.

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No surprise, there.

So 500 visitors would have to cross the Max lines? Look out!

Here's the campaign slogan: "Vote for Hales - This is No Time for a Problem Child."

The campaign should let me know if they want to use it - I'll bill you later.

You know, Jeffy's supporters felt the driving stuff was irrelevant and overplayed. But I actually believe the criticism was pretty light. I mean here's a guy driving 95 mph, oh, and he has problems paying attention. WTF?

Hales is also endorsed by Port of Portland, NW Natural Gas and hundreds of others well-practiced in looking the other way.

So is Hales a Tax Felon or just a Voter Felon , or both?

Second question where is our Secretary of State and Atty. General or even a real journalist? Oh, thats right we don't have any of the above. Good luck PDX.

Port of Portland, NW Natural Gas

Like I said, the Goldschmidt Party.

Goldschmidt and "problem child"! What did Kulo know about the Guv's problem child? According to Fred Leonard (sp?), Kulo knew it all and still appointed Goldy as Prez of the State Board of Higher Ed. Before it blew up in his face.

What does Kulo get for this?
Or Goldy get for this endorsement?

I didn't mean to set Harry off with that comment in the direction he went. Problem child is a reference to Jefferson Smith.

"What does Kulo get for this?

Lots of political hangers-on telling him how noble he is for making a career out of covering for Neil G.

Question is: What do the "usual insiders" get out of wanting Hales? In my opinion, the agenda continues as long as money and advantages can be had until. . . .

So the Godfather gives his blessing? I wounder what it will cost us?

Don't grifters usually work as a team?

Hales is just the latest in the continuing saga of how to wring the most out of their marks. It's the continuation of the Goldschmuck 'Friends & Family' programs.

So the choice is between four more years of city government run primarily for the enrichment of local developers, or four more years of "we know what's best for you" nanny state government? UGH.

Dave J - or both. Too bad we can't get a mulligan on the primary election. Eileen might have been a little bit less worse.

She might have been.
I still find it puzzling that she was so far ahead of the other two and it seemed like the last week or so, the polls showed her down in numbers?
At any rate, we had other candidates featured on here but they were shut out of important debates and media coverage.
So here we are.
It doesn't look good.

It is almost like shock doctrine now week after week, Hayden Island, the coal trains, the flouride city wants to force down our throats, the apartment bunkers without parking into our neighborhoods, and the list goes on.

How we can continue in this downward spiral is beyond me!

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