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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Dear China

If you don't like looking at it, then stop doing it.

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Thanks for posting the murals, Jack!

Yes, thank you Jack!

The guy is a true American patriot (no, not talking about DeFazio, but Mr Lin).

From a Gazette Times article:

"Lin said he has not been contacted directly by any representative of the Chinese government.

But he is feeling the heat from friends and family, who warn that he or his loved ones could face some form of retaliation, including the possibility of arrest if they travel to China. Even Chao, the artist who created the painting, had a change of heart when criticism of the mural began to mount, Lin said.

“I am under a lot of pressure to take down the mural,” Lin said.

But he has no plans to do anything of the sort.

Lin, who grew up in Taiwan before coming to America as a young man in the 1970s, is a strong advocate of a free Tibet and an independent Taiwan. He intends to leave the mural in place, no matter how much the Chinese government might want it to come down.

“I’ll just keep it the same,” Lin said. “I’ve got to live my life, that’s all.”

Do not cave to the pressure.

And if the Chinese decide to burn our flag and attack our Embassy because of it, hopefully the US government will not kowtow or appease them because of their tantrums.

He should tell them to come take it from him.


Relying on locals to secure your embassy is problematic. If locals attack, then the locals defending are going to run, join in, or otherwise be ineffective.

The solution to this problem is The United States Marine Corps. Guarding the embassies for generations.

So my question is this: Where the hell were the marines when our ambassador was getting attacked? Why were we relying on Libya to defend an embassy?

Or maybe I have the facts wrong, I'm assuming our people were killed in the embassy...

Sorry, the above post was not entirely on topic.

Yea, it's a different Corps now without DADT...

Cheers to Mr.Lin

China isn't the only one doing it (violent suppression, totalitarianism, invasion of sovereign states, mass murders, and the rest of the worst in PowerMadness absolutely corrupted). As ever, artists and the Arts stir the conscience raising (rising?) in people. And a music video example I can't stop looking at:

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