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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Dear Bruce

You have all the money. What is the point of having you on an ad for playoff baseball on FOX TV? You're going to hurt your 63-year-old back hauling all that dough to the bank.

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Jack, you fool, don't you think he's gonna donate his fee to Obama?

Jack, while someone is rich you can never shame or stop the money lust tumor in their human nature gone cockeyed for all and only MORE money. It's like an addict. The toxic substance going (on) inside deadens the brain neurons, and thought withers, shrinks into self (ego); like spraying weed killer on a growing weed is and does the same as an addiction habit on a growing brain. Sickly addicted to the brain buzz (neural 'rush') excited by exposing himself to children using figures of speech, behold such an ingrained sickly mind: LarsLarson. Taking more than a million bucks a year, would you expect by telling his shame of ill-gotten riches that it ever could slow him from panting spit on himself wild-eyed to take MORE? I don't expect so. Bruce neither.

He's just trying to secure his retirement years.

I somehow don't have a problem with this, though I would not welcome the thought it went into Obama coffers.

Separately, the New Yorker had a piece I found fascinating on Bruce a month or two ago. I would print this out and read it on paper. It was long in the magazine but worth the time if you are a serious fan.


Maybe he likes baseball

He's the boss, enough said. Plus, i really do believe he'll donate it to SOME charity....

It's interesting that you don't read more about Bruce's charitable donations, whatever they are. He's worth at least $200 million, and making another half-million or so a show.

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