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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Bunker opponents will get 15 minutes

The local residents who oppose the wrecking of inner eastside Portland neighborhoods with massive, parking-less human warehouses will get a big quarter hour to make their speeches to the face cards on the City Council tomorrow. They'll be talking, of course, to the hand.

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Ala the fluoride hearings, I assume the developer will get 2 hours to make his case before the opponents ever approach the mike?

What's the point? We all know that decisions have been made and earplugs have been inserted.

That is one reason to vote against do nothing Amanda Fritz. I know her opponent Nolan is on the developer’s side, but the idea is to send a message to that flake Fish and idiot Saltzman, that incumbents can and will be voted out. At least we can give the scoundrels a little fear in their hearts.

That's about the same amount of time these guys got to dance in front of council.

Mr. Grumpy, you should know that earplugs aren't the Portlandia way, because they can't be recycled. Besides, colon tissue is much cheaper.

The City of Portland's "we know what's good for you" micromanagement was a motivating factor in my relocation to Vancouver.

The CoP legislates food packaging, water additives/inflation, decreased parking availability, trash pick-up, and where/how I compost my yard clippings. There were millions for bikes, but only enough money to pour sidewalks on one side of my son's elementary school (they had budgeted two sides, but times are tough).

The State and Federal intrusions in to my daily life were insignificant when compared to the City of Portland's.

I moved when I realized that dissention is a waste of time. And that Nick Fish wasn't any different than the rest of them.

I agree with Mister Tee. The view from Vancouver across the river is great...and we don't seem to have the problem with flies that the folks in Bridge City do. Or should we call that Bike City?

Perhaps now to be known as Bilge City?

No bunkers where the "deciders" live, are there?

No bunkers but they do have nice streets and sidewalks...

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