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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Breaking news, not

Mayor Creepy will try anything to salvage his dopey "sustainability center" down by Portland State. Yesterday he had two exciting announcements of non-news. First, they've renamed the project the "innovation center." We think renaming it was a great idea, but if you wanted to be honest about it, you'd call it the Mark Edlen Retirement Fund, because the whole point of it seems to be to funnel yet more public money to that guy. We'd love to see whatever photos he must have that give him such clout.

The other precious tidbit from the mayor yesterday was that now the city has a partner -- a partner! But guess what -- it's a "green" engineering firm that's totally hooked into The Network and that's probably going to make a ton off building the center. It's Interface Engineering, which has been in on the scam since the earliest feasibility study phase. They're so hot to feast at the trough that they're willing to say that they'll take some of the obscenely overpriced space.

In short, nothing much happened with the sustainability center yesterday, and if we're lucky, nothing much ever will. Like the zombie hotel, however, this monument to stupidity will probably never be put to rest.

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Hey, they're new to the Development Gravy Train (TM); don't we want to see some new faces ripping us off?

Monument to stupidity or monument to political vanity and insider graft?

Both, actually. The earnest "green" folks being used by the greedy.

"Innovation Center." Well, that changes everything. I had my doubts before but no longer.

I have to disagree with you on this one Jack. No way I would want to see those pictures!

And the idiot "progressive" voters in Portland are going to elect another moron Mayor who will continue to destry the local economy in the name of green.

Why are liberals too stupid to understand that borrowing tons of money from their children to waste on silly projects is bad? The projects won't work out as planned and their children won't appreciate the debt. The idiots continue to march towards serfdom.

Jack, I'm definitely a liberal, but one who thinks that we ('we' meaning the more irresponsible of us lefties) need conservatives around to keep us in check, so I appreciate these posts. But you offer virtually no details as to why these details are crooked, except that they involve people you don't like. These news updates are basically madlibs: '[PSU] is building [center], [politician] is involved, [private company] is doing work, money is being tossed around.'

I mean, without the scornful tone, these could just be plain ol' news stories giving updates on construction developments. Buildings need to be built, politicians say stuff and offer support, and private companies get paid to do the work. That's how stuff happens in a capitalistic democracy. It's unclear, other than your built-in belief that democratic politicians are doing this all for their own benefit, WHY any of this is crooked.

If "Unportant" were posting from somewhere other than Portland State University, I might consider responding to him or her. But alas, it's some "urban planning" genius at the Patronage Center, and so, sorry, not taking the bait.

Go get'em Jack!
And as for the "Unportant" person, you and your ilk are the scourge of Portland! And you're not too smart either to post from your work computer. Which just proves why there is WAY too much planning going on in Portland! Some of your plans just plain suck!


"'I don't think 'Oregon Sustainability Center' holds much resonance for the city of Portland right now,' says Peter Parisot, Adams' director of economic development."

At least Parisot recognizes that the old PR is known dreck that too many locals have dismissed entirely as spurious.

That's because we've been repeatedly trained to understand that 'sustainability' is the current 'big lie' which leads to nothing but more unjustifiable indebtedness.

None of this crap is "sustainable", it's just more BS.

From the O article:
The project would be backed by $34.8 million in city-issued bonds.

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