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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Beavers over Badgers!

A boffo performance.

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Way more cool than Nike U!

Badgers? We don't need no steenking badgers...

Go Beavs!!!

Those sports guys "Isaac and Zuke" went on and on the other day about how the early season match-ups suck and we deserve better because we're just that special.

Me? I figure if you can't find a good college football game from the 17 or so that are on every weekend, then you might as well turn in your remote.

So the DJs didn't irritate me at all, although I guess Nick Saban had some angry words about the match-up crisis.

It was funny though when the local sports guys didn't even make it through Friday night with their point. Utah vs. Utah State was outstanding. It had a back story, an underdog winning, and a small quarterback with tons of heart.

Today, we had an electric game between UCLA and Nebraska, and, of course, a really big win by Oregon State.

So just those games alone was 9 hours of great football. And there were parts of several other games that were great, especially for fans with black-belt level remote control skills.

If college football has a scheduling crisis because of these bunny match-ups, it sure wasn't a problem today.

The Beavers executed, especially on defense.

The Beavers were able to pass fairly consistently, especially in the first half, and they did stretch Wisconsin's defense; most of the Beaver's passing came out of "bubble" passes to the side-lines, where a second receiver, effectively blocked the initial cover man.

This tactic, if not strategy, effectively minimized Wisconsin's size advantage in the middle of the defense.

Big defensive plays preserved the win.

The first half set the tone for the entire game.

Wisconsin, for some unknown reason, went away from their traditional running game in the first few possessions of the first half, then didn't have any rhythm or tempo in their running game when they tried to establish it later on.

Beavers drive length of field to to open the second half, score on 20 yard pass play down the middle, one of the few "down-field" passes successful all day.

Wisconsin loses against an 'Oregon' team for the second consecutive time, where an 'instant replay' decision effectively ended the game. (Both correctly decided in my opinion.)

10 - 7 score, a defensive struggle where Oregon State had the much better offensive production, which besides the touchdown, gave the Beavers' defense the rest it needed to keep up its efforts.

First Big Ten opponent to come to Corvallis since Iowa in 1971.

Big Win!

It was a great day to be a Beaver. Of course it's always a good day to be a Beaver. And I don't call them "an" Oregon team; I call them the Oregon team.

(Even my avid-Duck-fan spousal unit finds Jack's UC-Nike hilarious.)

Awesome! Totally awesome! Alright, Hamilton!

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