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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Al the Bus Driver nails it

"I am against Milwaukie light rail for the same reason I am against the war in Iraq," he says. "It's pornographic, worse than the worst pornography that you find on the internet."

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Light rail is not being built to go to "this little town" (Milwaukie).

This is a first leg in the plan for a longer line, to Oregon City, give the Green line a loop configuration, even in their fantasies, Canby.

That is why they won't tolerate anything that can stop it, because it is just an opening shot in what the "Portland Creeps" want as part of a decade's long plan.

Beyond everything else, downtown doesn't have the jobs. Portland's downtown has lost 40,000 jobs in the last decade.

They are desperate to complete this leg, and then wait for another opportunity to lengthen the line.

People are waking up to what a giant sucking sound this project is making.

Somebody is being paid off, big time. There's no other explanation for the breathtaking stupidity on display here.

New Slogan:

The boondoggle that made Milwaukie famous...

I feel honored!

Way to go Al!
You nailed it!

Light rail, like all major projects being talked about, have nothing to do with serving the public.

It's about padding the resume and making a politician look good.

I'd love to propose a new Oregon Constitutional Amendment:

Any project that is built using taxpayer funds and not expressly approved by a vote of the citizens must be personally guaranteed by those person(s) authorizing the public expenditure, and those person(s) must personally bear all financial risk including repayment of any losses back to the government agency.

(2) The personal guarantees given cannot be discharged in a bankruptcy filing.

(3) Failure to meet the personal responsibility shall be deemed a Class A Felony.

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