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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Adrian Chen turns up in big Apple-FBI hacking story

Remember Adrian Chen, the hysterically funny young guy who ran around as a Willy Week intern five years ago or so? These days he writes for Gawker. And in a bizarre twist, he is in the middle of yesterday's breaking story about the "Anonymous" hackers who got hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Apple device ID names and numbers, allegedly from a FBI computer. The hackers said they wouldn't give more interviews until Chen posed on Gawker in a pink tutu with a shoe on his head:

And so of course, he did it.

Comments (3)

Nice work by a fellow Reed graduate (and classmate)!

And probably not too much of a stretch to suggest that these so called "hackers" are in the employ of an alphabet agency.

He's wearing a Portland Mercury t-shirt in his tutu photo.

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