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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Admiral Randy's latest land play is sidelined

Even Jelly Fish isn't going along with the latest shenanigans. You can bet the Admiral will be knocking some heads together and twisting some arms over the next week or so. When the fire bureau gets done buying custom boats and building fancy yacht clubs, maybe it'll fly the Cayman Islands flag.

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Fish and Fritz are just grandstanding right now to make believe they are really independent. When the fat lady sings, they will both vote for Randy’s agenda.

Just before the 2010 Fire bond measure was up for a vote, The Admiral AKA Dr. Fluoride AKA The Hose Guy spent nearly a million in taxpayer dollars on new dump trucks replacing older ones he claimed were worn out. By personal observation, one of those so-called worn dump trucks ended up in contractor hands being used in the construction of the Eastside Streetcar. Voters were hosed. Likewise, the 2010 fire bond was said to cover the costs of new fire infrastructure including the new fire boat station in addition to replacing rather than refurbished so-called worn out fire equipment - the latter of which (refurbishmebnt) has been done by big city fire departments for years. It appears the voters were hosed again. It's obvious, there are just never enough strawberries for this Admiral.

This is classic blockbusting. Illegal for over 50 years. Any real estate agent knows that, but not many planners.

""This is a choice neighborhood," he (Nick Fish) said of the Beaverton-Hillsdale location, a low-poverty area where nearly nine out of 10 residents are white. "


Jeez, where to begin?
Yes the remodel was supposed to be paid by the bonds.
Yes, the remodel is needed because the firehouse wouldn't survive an earthquake.
Well, DUH! Its sitting under I-5! They are going to build a serious firehouse if it will survive that tumble!
That fire station was closed for over 18years! Maybe it still isn't needed.


The firehouse used to be the home of the fireboat David Campbell, which was important to protect all the warehouses and docks downtown along the Willamette. Since there are few warehouses and docks, she (he?) was moved to North Portland a generation ago.


Talk about kingdom building. . . . .

Too bad he didn't stay in the fire department hosing fires
instead of hosing our money down the drain.

The Admiral is such a ....uh oh.....can't say that!

I ride my bike over Hawthorne occasionally. I always look down and count over 11 Fire Bureau boats tied up with maybe 6 firepersons on duty in our taxpayer funded minuteman complex. There's 40 to 60hp outboards on the sterns costing over $12,000 to $14,000 each for just the outboards, then the twin engined highspeed water pistol boat.

The waterfront empire needs to grow that had hardly nothing there 20 years ago. And the population for Portland has only grown by 20,000(2%) in that time period, and waterfront industrial and other developments along the waterfront has decreased. Certainly a $Million(s) boat house is needed, right? With a workout wieght room and a place for exercise rowing boats and all, right? And an educational/touring station to propagandaize like the Water House, right?

I can envision education/touring stations peppered all across our city
to get us in line with the program.
Telling us all is OK as we are being debt swamped!


Time to take another look at money down the drain!

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