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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Wyden haunted by his Medicare sellout

Did he or did he not release a joint Medicare proposal with now-Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan? It's a little hard to get a straight answer on that this weekend from the 212 area code, where Wyden lives with his family:

I did not "co-lead a piece of legislation." I wrote a policy paper on options for Medicare. Several months after the paper came out I spoke and voted against the Medicare provisions in the Ryan budget.

Senator, that is a load of bullcrap. You know it, I know it, and Bob Dole knows it. Here's the press release that you yourself issued, bragging about "the Wyden-Ryan Plan," which is described in some detail. It was not an academic paper. It was a legislative proposal.

You act as though now that you're 63 years old, people are going to accept you as some sort of great Mark Hatfield-type elder statesman, but seriously. Look in the mirror. Do you honestly think that's going to happen? Paul Krugman called you a "useful idiot." Pretty soon your kids are going to be old enough to read that. You're loaded now. Take the pension and retire. They'll give you a gold watch and you can let a real Oregon and a real Democrat start over in your seat.

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Ron Wyden is a real Oregonian. He has a house here with peanut butter in the cupboard and bread in the freezer. Last time he visited the home he didn't even have to call an aide for directions.

He was for it when he was sure it wouldn't pass. Now it's coming back, and he's dancing as hard as he can to get away - difficulty: he's no spring chicken.

Who's next?

Wyden, R-NY

Mr. 212 area code

Sen. Whatever has been permanently stained (thank you, Bojack) expect the following:

1) Wyden retires on his own
2) he loses in a primary battle
3) he loses in the general election to Gordon Smith's eldest son

(2 outta 3

.. ain't bad)

Well,if Paul the K says it, then there must be an off-chance that Ronny IS worth something. Not that I'd vote for him.

Paul Krugman called you a "useful idiot."

Consider the source. A bigger tool I know not.

If anyone can recognize a useful idiot it's Paul Krugman...

Can anybody spell polarization?

The Gray Panthers were not too happy with Wyden.


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE December 22, 2011 Gray Panthers
News Release: Gray Panthers Meets with Sen. Wyden to Oppose Medicare Voucher Proposal
Judy Lear, the National Chair and Acting Executive Director, along with staff met directly with Sen. Wyden and his staff to express their concerns and directly convey disapproval of his proposal and its association of the Gray Panthers name.

Anyone got anything negative on Krugman at all? All I ever see is name-calling, as above. He must really get under that orange right-wing skin.

Amusing. Don't think Ron's going to get away easily:

Ryan's budget would not change anything about Medicare for people over age 54 or anyone younger who wants to go onto traditional Medicare. Ryan's plan, crafted with Democratic Sen. Ron Wyden -- who earns gushing praise from self-styled wonks on the Left as a serious legislator (which he is) -- merely allows some people to opt instead for a voucherized version of Medicare.

So Democrats assert that Ryan-Wyden would "end Medicare as we know it," because any modification of any existing policy would "end" that policy "as we know it."

Ryan-Wyden? That's a tar-baby, Ron.

Allan L.,

Krugman was seemingly against debt when Bush was in office, and post Obama's election was all about debt stimulus.

Spanish economist debtates Krugman:


I think next senator will be R-NY....

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