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Monday, August 13, 2012

Vestas announces more layoffs

Over in Pueblo, heads are rolling at the Euro wind energy equipment manufacturing outfit whose U.S. headquarters is, for the moment, in fancy, taxpayer-funded Mark Edlen digs in the Pearl District.

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I'm sure they'll be okay... the mayor has probably already promised them all jobs in his yet-to-be-announced Portland Office of Perception Management.

Mr Grumpy you crack me up. That is funny.

So as I see it the Portland Office of Perception Management aka POOPM is on a
hiring frenzy.

Remember as Jack says, It is for the CHILLREN.

Is that the same facility that Sam the Scam was trying to land here?

I can predict the future......the next to fail is SoloPower.....wow I'm good!

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