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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sweet gum tree takes out a jogger in Duniway Park

You talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

There are two of these trees in front of our neighbor's house. She'd love to be rid of them, but of course, the City of Portland won't let her replace them with something less dangerous. We've already had some close calls with big limbs coming down. One of these days...

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According to the KATU article... "Portland Parks & Recreation, which monitors trees in the city's parks on a daily basis".

Really? They monitor all the trees in all the parks on a daily basis? And they're hurting for funding? That must be a typo.

And, Department of Urban Forestry? A new department? New bureau? New jobs for supporters?

I hope the jogger is okay.

Puzzle me this.
If you tell the city you wish to replace some trees because you believe they are dangerious and the city refuses is the city at that point assuming the liability for anything that may happen if that tree falls or looses a limb ?

An interesting theory, but I wouldn't bank on it.

One reason I like Milwaukie, when we got tired of the trees in our yard, we had no issues with cutting them down. I think we have removed 9 trees so far. We have been able to add native plants that make the area look better, and it is fun to watch the birds and bees.

I think the City's tree code changes - natch, for the worst - next spring. Until then, you can cut down trees on your property that are not on the parking strip. Next spring, larger trees on your property must be replaced per the tree Nazis.

Thanks, Ump! I just cut down 6 alders and have three more on the schedule. I'll bump up the schedule. Nothing against alders in general, but they have really weak root systems, so they're prone to falling.

you should hae seen all the Urban Foresters standing around the next morning after that tree fell and trapped the woman against the St James Lutheran church back in March.

The roots clearly had been choked by the sidewalk and rotted away, they were in a CYA mode

Then, they cut down about a dozen trees in the Park Blocks after inspecting them

Apparently, one park tree gets inspected every day, that takes 4-5 employees, apparently

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