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Friday, August 24, 2012

Celebrity sighting

At lunch today -- ladies and gentlemen, the Blazer dancers!

We wished them a happy season. It was sincere.

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I understand their pay still lags behind the team members'.

No kidding. Ad infinitum.

What "It"? Your 'wish'?

Bill McDonald has seen me work. Pass him their number to call and book me
in guest appearance sometime, halftime, quartertime, good time, part-time.
Think: old-time Dancing Barry of Lakers' games fame. Voila: Dancing Greybeard.
(Think: Hopi ceremony.)

Besides, I think it was the 3rd from left dancing 10ft away watching me in the club 2wks ago.
Credit: RobertJohnPhoto.com

Saying "OH em GEE!"

One of the Blazer dancers was attending Louis and Clark Law from 2006 to 2009. When you saw her all prepped for the dancing you could barely recognize her. Nice girl. Smarter than me, which is rare and awesome.

Must have been smarter than you if they could spell Lewis and Clark correctly!

Is the dancer on the left wearing a BRANDON ROY jersey??

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