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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Bringing home the gold

Individual honors in the 2 meter dumpster dive.

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Will you or old Stenchmeister pay the tax on that?

Medal Tax

Prize Tax

Total Tax Burden













Stenchy brings it home to Portland for the gold in Garbage Sorting. A silver for Glass Bottle and Jar Washing and the bronze for General Trash Fondling For Proper Recycling.
Go Stench!

The entire taxation of medals and prize monies spleens me greatly. An American "amatuer" athlete is rewarded a medal and monetary rewards for a performance and goal-based endeavor that is the apex of years of training, study and discipline. "The Man" wants a payment in the form of taxation (insert your mob reference).... Boo-hoo.

American "amatuer" athletes are mostly from a privileged segment of our collective society. If they are not, they are trumpeted and supported by "sponsors" that amount to a corporate sugar daddy. To make the taxation a campaign issue strips inherent value from the accomplishment.

Personally, the Olympics are like a lost template analagous to The Republic and the direct democracy of the City-State model.

Templates never die, they just become outdated constructs.

Stop and smell the roses or just stop equivocating an event into a political discourse.

Nice to see Stenchy win the individual medal, but I still think his best events are the rat relay race and the team composting.

I'm also glad Stenchy won now because Sam and Randy want to change our Olympics from every 4 years to every 8, to better serve the athletes.

Not sure what you're trying to say there, Z - "campaign issue"? I'm unaware of that, if it's happening. I do find it a bit much that a high-schooler who won two medals will now owe the IRS $14,000.

Just wonder how much Stenchy's gonna owe by the time he gets done.

The tax accounting for Olympic medals is trivial compared to the appearance fees and endorsement deals that the winners will get once they return home.

Very probably true, Jack - but darn, if I was a high school student with the talent and tenacity to compete like that, only to find myself slapped with $14k in taxes, it might harsh the buzz.

But at my age and conditioning level, all sports are now endurance sports.

Sorry, I'm not following you either, Z. Their "winnings" are taxed as regular income in the annual stream of their... well, regular income. Yeah the round-heels at NBC made a big deal about it, http://mediamatters.org/video/2012/08/02/nbcs-today-promotes-right-wings-shady-statistic/189077 but they sunk to the level of Fox long ago.

Does it make tea-baggers feel better or worse that Nobel Prize winners get taxed as well?

You forgot the french beret!

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