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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Guess what -- Portlanders hate Sam Rand garbage ordeal

The Metro regional government's "Opt In" surveys have no statistical validity, but we're paying big bucks for them, and so we might as well get a few laughs out of them every once in a while. Here's some: When they tried to start up a wonky conversation about garbage pickup, about two thirds of the survey respondents in Multnomah County shouted them down, complaining bitterly about Portland's inane practice of picking up landfill garbage only once every two weeks:

The survey was also notable for panelists' answers to a question that wasn't explicitly asked -- how they feel about Portland's year-old garbage pickup schedule. Hundreds of respondents called for that city to return to weekly pickup of garbage....

Metro does not regulate individual cities' garbage pickup schedules. The calls for weekly pickup came in open-ended answers on the survey; neither Metro nor DHM Research, the public opinion research firm that coordinates Opt In, tracked specifically how many open-ended responses called for weekly pickup to return.

Metro News estimates two-thirds of the 433 Multnomah County panelists who answered open-ended questions called for weekly pickup to return.

Too funny. By the way, does anybody know what the heck "Metro News" is? Sounds Orwellian, like most of what comes from the Metro drones any more.

There's also some unicorn-pooping-rainbows discussion in the survey about magically turning solid waste into energy, and of course the "green" sheep baaa-ed right along. None of them has apparently ever lived near a garbage incinerator. We have, and it's not something we want to live within a few miles of, ever again. People move to Oregon to get away from that kind of shinola.

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Metro News? -- that's a typo. Should be Noose.

Metro's headline "Opt In panelists offer surprising responses in trash survey" is funny in itself. Surprising? Really? If it's surprising to Metro, they've really got their heads buried somewhere stupid.

Copy of letter sent to the little o

Open letter to Sam Adams,

Dear Sam,

Just a quick question concerning YOUR garbage service.

My dog pulled a dead opossum from under my deck yesterday, Wednesday, August 22, 2012. My (once a week thanks to you) garbage was picked up on Monday, August 20, 2012. That leaves 13 days untill next garbage pick-up and I am pretty sure it is not going to smell very good.

Question: May I bring the dead critter down to city hall to let you enjoy the odor or maybe even drop it off at your home or should I just pitch it out into the unpaved, crumbling streets for everyone to enjoy?

Peter Ravagni

Ha! I am one of the white, educated respondents to this survey. I'm also one of the ones who went off in an open-ended question about the stupid new policies. I'm glad I wasn't alone.

Also interesting:
"Seventy-eight percent of the survey's respondents had graduated college, more than double the population of college graduates in the region. Fifty-seven percent of respondents identified as Democrats, who account for about 42 percent of the region's registered voters."

MOST of the "news" in the Oregonian is merely cut and pasted from various government press releases anyway. (OK, so they DO take the extra step of editing out any criminal suspect descriptions).

We might as well just skip the middle man "O" and just have all layers of government provide news content directly...much more "sustainable".

At least that will provide a future home for all those journalism grads that can no longer find a paying job in the private sector. And the rest of us will get the bonus of no longer having to figure out the reporters' bias.

Clearly, these frustrated garbage customers simply don't understand and need to be "educated" by an earnest young planner.

You see, if you just think about it enough, you realize that two-week old diapers and dog poop don't smell bad. That's the smell of Progress. And the flies are little "progress twinkles" enchanting your kitchen and driveway.

Don't forget the sparkle ponies!

Portlandia filmed an episode on our street a few weeks ago, on a Tuesday on the day they pick up actual garbage. As I was leaving for work my biggest concern was because they blocked off the street that they would prevent the garbage from being picked up.

But what does Annette say from the Bureau of Sustainable Development say? She schooled us earlier this month about our garbage.

Speaking of the dead opossum, assuming that Peter's dog didn't kill the poor thing, what DID kill it? When Jack has posted photos of dead rats, I've wondered whether people are putting out rat poison, which can be a serious problem for pets, birds, and other animals, not to mention the environment in general.

Just another thing that probably wasn't considered because it would have sullied their unicorn utopian fantasies of Portland families having a two-week garbage load that would fit into a plastic Safeway bag (that are no longer available) because they'll be COMPOSTING!

Talking about bogus surveys.... Not to be outdone by Metro, Lake Oswego has its own unscientific, fuzzy, meaningless to anyone except city staffers who will use it to support their agendas.


The newest Question is about Garbage: "What do you think about your weekly garbage, yard debris, and recycling services from Allied Waste in Lake Oswego?"

Huh? Ok, I'll bite. I have no complaints, and if the city got any, they wouldn't be engaged in negotiating another 10 year contract TWO FULL YEARS AHEAD OF EXPIRATION OF THE CURRENT CONTRACT. and of course, Mayor Jack and his Gang of Four want to get this done while they are still in control. Sound familiar? Clackistanis unite against overbearing councils and commissions!

So what is the city really asking for? Nothing more than to get their nattering nabobs to chirp about being green so they can foist the Portland Plan on us too. After all, no one even knows about this silly survey (oops, Open City Hall).

So here goes, NO JACK. WE DO NOT WANT TO RECYCLE FOOD WASTE and WE WANT TO HAVE OUR GARBAGE PICKED UP ONCE A WEEK. Here's another one for you and your friends, IF WE WANTED TO LIVE IN PORTLAND, WE WOULD MOVE THERE! We live in Lake Oswego because it is NOT Portland, or Beaverton, or Tigard, or Sandy -- nice places all, but the reason you are being chased out of City Hall is because you do not have a clue what is best for LO and you never have.

Question: May I bring the dead critter down to city hall to let you enjoy the odor or maybe even drop it off at your home or should I just pitch it out into the unpaved, crumbling streets for everyone to enjoy?

There are plenty of garbage cans surrounding Portland's City Hall; I wonder how often they get emptied out...or for that matter, the various garbage cans INSIDE City Hall.

Possum = meat, bones, hair, guts
Green bin = roomyweekly eat scraps, weekly pickup
Possum = Green bin!

Since when is a dead meat thing not compostable?

Should have read
Green bin = roomy can, meat scraps, weekly pickup

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