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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Alleged perv priests were seminary buddies

We're so glad we stopped giving money to these people.

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Our family grew up with this religion. Lot's of them still hang on. After my Confirmation, I said "Adios" to the outfit. My mother told all of us we could make our own choice after that Sacrament. No regrets.

Ditto Jimbo.

This episode of South Park summed it up pretty well:


I thought we were to welcome their diversity bringing texture to our society?

A public defender for the pedophile priest isn't good enough. This is just sick. If this archbishop isn't booed the next time he shows his face then the "faithful" truly are lost.

"In Oregon, the Portland archdiocese staked Perez the money for a Cadillac legal defense -- a controversial move. Perez hired Marc Blackman, known for getting high-profile clients the best possible deal. The Archdiocese issued a news release Friday defending its decision. "

Archbishop Most Reverand John Vlazny: "As Father's archbishop, I offered a loan to him for attorney expenses after his own financial resources have been exhausted. I saw this as my obligation, certainly in charity, if not in justice."

"I am surprised by the strong opposition it has raised and I am sorry that so many find it offensive and inexcusable," he said. "

It's all sick. But they don't all come from the Catholic Church. I think the problem is that we, the public, has the wish and hope that the people we trust with our children are all kind, caring and trustworthy. When they turn out to be like everyone else in the general population, we are mad - at them for lying to us about their supposed care for children, and just maybe mad at ourselves for being persuaded that the ideal was true in the first place and we were nieve to think that it ever was.

Nolo: agree. Look at all the teacher stuff going on - it's like perv-of-the-week sometimes. We, and our children, are all too often victims of our own trust.

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