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Friday, July 20, 2012

Your average guy

The ever-shrinking O doesn't write many unpaid obituaries any more. Even Mark Hatfield was lucky he got one; Howard Morgan got stiffed, so to speak. But the paper produced one yesterday for John Hilsenteger, who died Wednesday at age 72. Franklin High Class of '57 and a former reporter for the Oregon Journal and the O, Hilsenteger spent 26 years as an official for the state's high school athletic association, and many years after that as a tireless volunteer for that organization. He was a master statistician, a historian, a stickler for detail, a mentor to many, and a great communicator -- all of which would have endeared him to us. Our deep condolences go out to his family, one of whom is a commenter on this blog when we haven't infuriated him by seemingly not loving Portland enough.

Before there were personal computers, every good newspaper used to have a file room cynically nicknamed "the morgue," in which clippings and photos were kept. It was to the morgue that reporters often were sent to find information to produce a retirement story, a retrospective, or an obit. Hilsenteger tried to save everyone that trip; he reportedly wrote his own obit. That will be an interesting read when it turns up.

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Thank you so much Bojack. He passed Late Tuesday/Early Wednesday surrounded by his family. My whole family was pleasantly surprised by the article and its placement on the front page of the Sports Section.

Hilsy: Had the pleasure of working with your dad on many occasions, and he was both a complete pro and a great guy to be working with. This state was fortunate to have him. Sorry for your loss

Mr. Bogdanski: Thank you for recognizing our father. More than a few of us in the family read your blog and appreciate your continuing coverage of government antics.


Here is a link to the Obituary that he authored:

Thanks again. I may not comment very often any more but I still read daily.


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