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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Two more guys busted in Ashley's alleged hit-and-run-and-run

This brings to five the number of people accused of covering up for Ashley Chavez, the suspect in the hit-and-run killing of a 63-year-old pedestrian on West Burnside on March 31. Chavez, who was allegedly driving drunk after attending a Timbers game on the night in question, was finally hauled into a Portland courtroom today.

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I smell some plea deals in exchange for testimony in the air.

I'm curious to see if this woman has some strange charisma over other people. Getting five people to help cover up manslaughter is no easy feat.

Who among the collaborators is going to think twice about dropping the dime on her?

While a judge might understand a confused intoxicated gross error in judgment in fleeing an accident scene, the subsequent cover up appears so criminally calculated (although stupid) that any hope of claiming a one time lapse in judgment, while under the influence, is going to fall on deaf ears. Would think her best (if not only) strategy, absent actual innocence, is to plead guilty, apologize to the victim's family, cooperate with the prosecution, enter a diversion program if drinking was involved, and hope she can limit her sentence to something less than the maximum. Her apparent callousness towards the victim -and then in covering up, the victim's family- will be a hard theme for a defense attorney to overcome.

Hope the message here for Timber's fans is being heard loud and clear.

Still no announcements of enhanced DUI patrols at Timbers games?

There is no such thing as diversion for killing or injuring someone while you are driving drunk. I have yet to hear of any defendant in a case like this one who has escaped jail time, no matter how contrite, remorseful, etc. At this point anything she says will probably fall on deaf ears as a bunch of phony self-serving BS. I think the prosecution will be coming at her with all barrels blazing on this one.

KOIN TV reports the "Chaven" (sic) indictment includes "... two DUII counts come as court documents say Chavez both drank alcohol and smoked marijuana the night of the crash."

But then they also report, "This comes as KOIN learns prosecutors have filed new charges against the 23-year-old Ashley Chavez and several of her co-dependents."

I suppose it's possible a co-defendant MIGHT also be co-dependent.

No mention of meth use...yet.

I have yet to hear of any defendant in a case like this one who has escaped jail time

That's out of the question. But as Drewbob points out, she needs to wise up before she gets the maximum.

Here's another mug shot for the collection.

Bail was set at $670K. Seems kind of low for someone who was high tailing it it to Canada when they caught up to her, in addition to the fact that she has been manipulating the evidence since day one. It's highly probable that her buddies will be wearing wires if she talks to them before trial along with the tap on her phone.

How do you get two DUIIs for one incident? You're either driving under the influence of intoxicants or you're not. I've never heard of such a thing, though I don't know that it hasn't been done before. And, as many posited before, how can they prove after the fact that she was legally intoxicated at the time?


"How do you get two DUIIs for one incident?"

Alternate theories: Alcohol vs. alcohol plus controlled substance.

"how can they prove after the fact that she was legally intoxicated at the time?"

Circumstantial evidence, opinion evidence, etc. You don't need a breath test to convict somebody of duii.

Ex: 1, don't know for sure, maybe separate charges for alcohol and pot; or if she stopped driving somewhere afterwards and then shortly thereafter started again; 2, witness testimony about how much she consumed in the hours before accident as well as about her demeanor when she got in car. Co defendant could provide that, as well as people at the game, and who saw her when she got home.

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