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Friday, June 15, 2012

Take a load for free

Here's a "green" story that you just know will be coming soon to Portlandia. In Scotland, they're going to recycle dirty disposable diapers and other used "incontinence products" into park benches, garden furniture, decking, roof tiles, and other things. So see? The only reason you aren't allowed to throw them in the blue recycling bins is because City Hall is way behind on the sustainability learning curve. Get with it, Portland! It will give a whole new meaning to the phrase "crap infill apartment buildings."

Comments (4)

So wish you had a like button.

So far they're calling it a "recycling scheme." Is it a proven technology yet? And how many chemicals are used in the sanitization part of the process?

Will we now have a 4th bin, with a 4th truck driving around to pick up the icky stuff? Will we be charged a "bio-hazard" fee, since disease can be spread by feces?

I'd imagine North Plains will consider itself lucky that it got the food composting plant rather than the "used nappies" plant.

I think it's far more likely CoP (or is it Metro? or PSU?) will attempt to ban disposables altogether and require "breeders" to switch to a city-contracted (and expensive) diaper service monopoly with frequent rate hikes.

These ideas you envision for the future here, have most likely been discussed and will be brought out at the appropriate time.
I would really like to see the "insiders" flow chart.

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