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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sunday Parkways -- on Terwilliger?

There's something about crowds of inexperienced bicyclists on a notoriously long and sometimes-steep hill that makes us nervous.

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Tram up and coast down, does that work?

A sunburn in albino kids is more dangerous than a fun ride on a blocked off road. Just sayin. Who's the nanny?

I used to bike on Terwilliger in the late 60s and early 70s when bikes were not fashionable, they were just for getting around until you could buy a car. Cars were rare, and there was no pathway - jogging for fun hadn't been invented yet, and the Chart House was the Hillvilla. Biking in an organized crowd on Terwilliger would take all the joy out of being up on the hill alone. Never have been a crowd person, but the number of these events seem to be expanding. Why does the COP need to sponsor the bike ride? Seems like a job for one of the bike groups, but the city now needs to supply people with fun too?

Darwin award?


Are bikes even allowed on the tram? Perhaps not considering the bike parking at the bottom...
As for the Darwin award...I say that Sam and Randy should lead the pack, that way they get to hit something first!

Most grades on the portion of Terwilliger included on that Sunday Parkway route are under 3%, with slight inclines and flat sections along the way. One descent from the Chart House gets up to 5%. Terwilliger might be steep in some places, but not on the Parkways route. Thousands make a steeper descent each year off of the Fremont bridge during the Bridge Pedal.

Tram ride is $4 going up and free going down. Don't know that it usually runs on Sundays, but they might do that for The Parkways and Terwilliger Centenary events.

I used to take my bike up the tram from the waterfront which removed the need to pedal downtown streets and Barbur Boulevard in order to ride home to southwest Portland.

A couple years ago I decided to make the plunge and do the Bridge Pedal.

I'm thinking Providence sponsors it because it makes for good business for their ERs. I saw so many freakin' crazy wrecks and injuries because so many of the bicyclists had no clue about how to ride a bike or conduct themselves amongst others.

One person was so smart, she apparently took a fell on North Interstate and decided she needed to sit down and wait for an ambulance. So where'd she decide to sit? On the MAX tracks. And what was coming down the track? A MAX train. Fortunately it stopped before it ran the girl over, but REALLY?

There must be something about spandex or bike helmets or just sitting on a bike seat that makes people stupid. It's a good thing OHSU is up there on Terwilliger and I expect it to have some good business that day. I won't be there...I've decided I'll ride on my own and not part of any major event, because so many Portland bicyclists, if they had to actually pass a basic "rules of the road" test, would probably have scores so incredibly low that doctors would question whether their I.Q. qualifies them for mental retardation.

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