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Monday, June 18, 2012

Parking meters coming to Portland central eastside

The industrial district between the infernal streetcar and the river is about to get further Blumenauered.

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Just another area in which to stop doing business. I feel sorry for the businesses in these infernal areas.

It's survival-of-the-fittest for the motor vehicle dependent businesses in that area and soon to be others. If they can afford it, they'll move beyond the reach of the car-haters. If they cannot, they'll go under and others, possibly subsidized to prop up their "success", will replace them.

We knew it was coming...it was just a question of exactly when. As for working with area businesses, well that is debatable! Or I could just call that comment a lie!

The behavior of this city has already driven a significant number of businesses out of Portland. Maybe they think that food carts will pick up the slack.

Surely this decision is based on an upwelling of support from area employers who feel that free parking is destroying their businesses.

BLAH, BLAH, BLAH...Same stuff, different day.

Wait until they put parking meters on SE Hawthorne (one of Novick's campaign planks), then we can actually start killing off good retail parts of town.

It makes you wonder after all the Water Bureau ravaging how stupid voters in this town are to keep electing these idiots.

Steve, the Water Bureau is just the tip of the iceburg. Apparently the voters enjoy the status quo. Wait until they see what the next electeds have in store.

Per portlandonline , Ellis McCoy is still on the stakeholder advisory committee. What could possibly go wrong?

I figure to preempt Portland and put a parking meter in front of my house.
The state of Oregon has been selling some on Ebay..

People have to park their vehicles, and as the City has eliminated parking in the downtown and Lloyd areas, the Central Eastside has become a sort of "park and ride". Even the egghead bureaucrats at Metro circle the area just south of I-84 in search of parking, then walk to work.

This does make it difficult for empolyees and customers of businesses within the district, but few (if any) are in favor of metering.

The Central Eastside is evidence that parking restrictions in one district simply displace problems to adjacent areas.

The city is absolutely going to go to metered parking in high traffic areas like Hawthorne, Alberta Street, etc. The next step beyond that is residential parking permits for the people who live nearby and who complain about not being able to park in front of their house. Can't. Wait.

As an evil business owner who is not progressive I cant help but feel they will not stop till the jobs are all gone.

"they will not stop till the jobs are all gone."

Maybe you should re-cast your business to appeal to bike-only customers.

Its the future (whether you like it or not), y'know.

"Too many people pulled and pushed around....Too many people paying parking fines, too many hungry people losing weight...."

Too Many People

(redux ~ Happy Birthday, Paul).

People have to park their vehicles

What vehicles? Haven't you read the Portland Climate Action Plan? You won't be driving anything in Portland except bicycles.

Maybe you should re-cast your business to appeal to bike-only customers.

I wouldn't be surprised if subsidies weren't available for those who "convert".

Mr. Grumpy,
Sounds like a plan.
Make those who won't convert pay and pay
enabling subsidies for those who will "convert."

This comment says it all:

Re: Council considers new eastside parking plan

I was hoping the streetcar was meant to encourage less cars and therefore less parking would be required. The more parking you provide the fewer people will use the streetcar. If you built it they will come. Now decide if you want cars or people to come. I prefer people.


This town is occupied territory.

Fortunately (for me), I never go into Portland's east side, north side, northwest side, "downtown", or inner southwest. Living close to the Washington County line, I do all of my business in WashCo.

This Blumenauerizing is also part of Sammyboy’s destructive socialistic agenda to pay for the unsustainable streetcar, obliterate private sector family wage jobs and destroy any freedom of choice in Portland before he leaves City Hall. I agree with umpire: just another area in which to (stay away from and) stop doing business.

A question and follow up to the anti-mobility cronies: in that you are running out of money and ways to extort even more of it from drivers to pay for all your socialism, when are you going to end this tax discrimination and start charging the slacker bicyclists and transit users for the infrastructure they specifically utilize? Or are you just going to let the ever increasing debt for alternative transport just continue to pile up and let the motor vehicle infrastructure continue to deteriorate and crumble until transportation system as a whole implodes?

Parking meters can be a treat if you use the Eileen Brady parking method as described in the following video.


Pragmatic Portlander, if the $20 dollar tip got parking and a nice ride, what did Sam's $300 "tip" left at the city hall desk get from Beau?

The CEID is already controlled with a permit system. Anyone can park without a permit for 2 hours. This takes care of the "park and ride" problem once the street car comes in. The streetcar is BS because it runs way up to the Broadway Briidge, and even when it crosses the river into SoWhat 4 years from now nobody will ride it because they can walk across the Hawthorne or the Morrison and save themselves $5 and 20 minutes. This parking meter plan is insult on injury because the property owners are getting hit with a LID assessment for this worthless boondoggle. If you are on a lease it passes through to the tenant/small business owners. This whole streetcar thing is a smoke screen to expand parking meters to the eastside, and it's a hidden tax on the people in the CEID who need a place to park for their work.

No one will be riding the damn thing anyway, new fees to be added.


Unrelated, but does anybody know what Blumenauer's Centennial High nickname was?

PSU students and employees will still ride for free... for three years. Wonder where that freebie comes from?

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