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Sunday, June 24, 2012

No idea too dopey

Portland's mayor is really serious about his $35-a-head "income tax" (not) to fund arts and music in schools. Aside from the illegality of it -- readers have pointed out to us not one but two apparently fatal flaws -- we learn from his written come-on to the rest of the City Council that the thing would cost $525,000 up front to set up, and another $500,000 a year to run. Of course, we are at the liars' budget stage, and so those costs are probably understated. Not to mention the expenses of the litigation that would surely erupt if the thing were to pass. What a goofball.

And it's not like the city's taxpayers aren't already pungling up for the arts. This article in the O a few days ago seems to indicate that Portland taxpayers just forked over a $400,000 match to "local arts and culture groups."

Leaf tax, head tax, garbage snitches -- Portland under the Sam Rands has become quite a petty little place.

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Jack, your point about the O's article is right on. But the amount given by citizens this year is really $825,000 and not $400,000. The match is made by the City of Portland-that is citizen dollars. Sam and Randy didn't contribute a dime.

The match via tax dollars was $400,00 + the other dollars were workplace "donations" - I'm ok with donations - just don't use my tax dollars for things I don't support and your method of taking my money is fundamentally illegal. I am a conscientious objector to the CAN and many other initiatives

Can we create some kind of legal defense fund to file suit against these issues - like this tax that isn't called a tax -- I think it is illegal and I don't want to pay it. If I wanted to pay more for public education and arts I could make a donation.

Can we gather donations and fund some law suits against these egregious policies???

Strikes me that they are fighting for The Rule of Law in Burma and Egypt - but in Portland the rule of law is inconvenient.

The PDF linked to above call this proposal a "limited income tax". What does that mean?

The PDF linked to above call this proposal a "limited income tax". What does that mean?

This being Portland, it means whatever the bureacrats want it to, subject to change at any time, present or future.

It may mean language gymnastics to get whatever they want it to mean.
It looks like Adams is on a drive to spend and put us further in debt before he leaves and to collect as much as they can dream up in order to collect more.

I imagine the arts organizations, etc. think Adams is doing a good thing for them.
They need to look at the big picture here.

In my view, the irony is the city increasing our costs however they can, the cost of living here, increased taxes and garbage/water/sewer rates, and the debt. All that hurts the arts, as people will have less discretionary money to support or go to arts events, plays, musicals, etc. A downward spiral all around.

The mayor needs 2 others on the Council to go along with this. He has Leonard's vote; what can he offer anyone else for their 'yes' vote in favor of this steaming pile?

Jimbo - Can you say: "...spineless jelly Fish."

"The PDF linked to above call this proposal a "limited income tax". What does that mean?"

It means the size, and use, of the tax base is "limited to" what the City Commission wants it to be.

Nonny Mouse,
Fish has gone along with Adams and Leonard on other matters very costly to us,
and then cries poor for parks.

We ought to require that everyone hired to enforce the tax is an artist.

It's the closest most of them will ever get to a real job: let them try waking up at 6:30 a.m. to maintain their new middle-class lifestyle.

Can someone enlighten me on this : Aren't we all already paying an extra $2 per $1000 of assessed value on our property taxes for teachers? Are none of those teachers art and music teachers?

The Arts and Music are very important to the civic and cultural health of any city, so therefore each city's schools should get lots of funding by the city. Just like Economic Development is very important to the economic health of any city, so therefore each city's schools' shop, business and economic classes also deserve financial support. Don't forget that the physical health of the inhabitants of each city is also very important, and a large percentage of said inhabitants are school age children. Therefore each city's schools should get lots of funding by the city for PE, sports and anti-obesity classes. After all, city's all have to plan for the future, and the children are our future, so therefore each city's schools should get lots of funding by the city, to insure the future vitality of the city's future.

Another absurd cover for the "Urban Renewal" scam. We are already paying a good rate for schools. If 25% (?? what is new number w/ PSU and other new additions??) weren't being raked off for URAs that would never have survived a public vote, we'd have the money for a good system. Whole business is crooked. Rob that coop, then donate a tiny fraction of your take to the relief fund. Total smoke screen. Won't see the end of it 'til local pols are no longer captive of the developer mafia. Not holding my breath. They are all perfectly glad to see the whole city go down, as long as they continue to get their cut.

Speaking of the arts... I passed the Vera Katz Park today. Its a small item located in the Pearl. Very symbolic art.

A small channel of water flows downhill... This symbolizes the downhill trend of Portland since Budd Clark was Mayor.

The small channel of water disappears on one side of the sidewalk and "reappears" on the other side of the sidewalk... This symbolizes the duplicity of Portland's governance.

Tucked up against a wall (of the old armory) is a planting of snake grass... Reminding us of the snake in the grass given to us by Mayor Vera... namely her Chief of Staff, Sam Adams. Thank you Vera - such a fine gift to the City.

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