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Sunday, June 10, 2012

It's the attention to detail that makes it so special

Portland's daily newspaper puts the "O" in "Oops!"

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Fun switch trick, but it will cost you a buck or two.

I might suggest you read the paper first so as not to waste the money, but then that would be a waste of time. Oh well!

Not uncommon to confuse Portland for San Francisco.

Wait...The S.F. Chronicle has the largest circulation in Portland?

Is that like if you want to know what's happening in Portland, read the Washington Post?

Oh well. I enjoy the sucker. It's so thin you could read another paper through it by now, but...where else* could you have the fun of reading a paper edited by spellcheck? My personal favorite was a bit about the earth "spinning on its access."

*oh yeah, probably everywhere.

They merged the Oregon Journal with The O. This would be the next step.

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