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Sunday, June 17, 2012

It's Supreme Court Obamacare rumor time

Here's an educated guesser, but even he's not sure exactly how much of the health care hash will be scraped down the disposal. He does think the so-called "individual mandate" is going down, and we'd be shocked if he was wrong about that. But there are lots of other provisions in the law, including some tax rules, and it's anybody's guess what will happen to them.

So when will the Court's decisions come down? A really bright law professor's scholarly view of the timing is here. We should have all the answers by the 28th, which is a week from Thursday; maybe they will be out as early as the 25th, a week from tomorrow. The Court can take the case into overtime, or let it rip this week, but those possibilities both seem unlikely.

Also interesting is what's to happen with the Montana case trashing Citizens United. The Court may do something with that one tomorrow morning.

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The Supreme Court, health care and a stopwatch
Robert Barnes, Washington Post
A Texas trial consultant uses a stopwatch to gauge how the Supreme Court may decide on President Obama’s health-care law.

The healthcare law seems doomed, it was a crap law anyway. Better than nothing but still full of bologna. I guess as a starting point it might be alright...but I think I am influenced by me wanting it so badly and not really an objective opinion on how great it was/is.

I hope they let Montana continue to regulate it's own elections. I find it unlikely, but I am hopeful.

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