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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Is this guy somebody's nephew?

Willy Week has some interesting dope this morning on the juicy compensation package that Governor Retread's education czar will be receiving. On top of $280,000 a year, a car, and four extra weeks' vacation, the guy, Rudy Crew, even gets to do consulting work on the side. We'd rather see more English teachers.

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"On top of $280,000 a year"

That's nothing - If he get Kitz in trouble with the OEA, then I see a 3 year min severance package.

One more fad/face card for education. The only thing constant is the 60% grad rate.

It takes a lot of compensation to continue the plan to dumb down the population while creating the impression that the opposite is happening.

Have you checked the price of snake oil lately?

Why is it our politicians think that East coast "education" experts are the panacea for fixing out local systems ?
Aren't they the cause ?

But, "It's for the CHILDREN..." !

We cannot cut education's budget any more...it's already, "...down to the bare bones..." now.

Somebody call Michelle Obama...STAT !

It seems odd that he hasn't been working in school administration since his acrimonious departure as Miami-Dade county's superintendent in 2008. Why would we take an expensive gamble on such a controversial figure?

So we go from a 78k+/year superintendent who couldn't hack the job to someone who is going to do a better job at over 300k+/year guru. Really?????

Perhaps there's a study that predicts this man will fix everything.

Earlier today, I overheard something about a recent election in the upper Midwest. Anyone else hear about it?

I'd be willing to keep the dropout rate steady at 40% for only $200,000 per year.

Check back with me in 3 years to see if this guy actually accomplished anything. My bet is that he won't. In fact, I'd be willing to wager that he is gone rather quickly. If he tries to make any changes the teacher union will run him out of town. If he doesn't make any changes then the fact that he is being paid $300K for nothing will do him in.

Joe DiSantis
"Too bad for Oregon.They obviously slipped up.....big time and did not do their homework.He left the Dade school system in a mess and they even paid him a fortune to do so.Guess the background check people thought it must have been mistaken identity and no one could really be that incompetent.Believe he was from New York but he was lousy in Miami.Left a mess for sure.Better THERE than HERE.


Richard Nixon 2012
"Crew will turn Oregon schools into poo"
"I had no idea Oregon was so desperate.
At least the REAL hard working people no longer have to be subjected to visions of Rootin Roody making out with or feeling-up female employees anymore.
Good luck Oregon...

This guy was a crook and a scam artist.. Read his book which is now in the 99 cents bin. Wasted 100 million on zone schools which had no effect... I don't know where people think this guy is some magical educator.. Has had problems everywhere he has gone. And morons keep falling for it. good luck oregon your going to need it... I guess Rudy found a way to sell his bag of tricks to another sucker... This guy is all about self promotion.. He did nothing for miami dade county public schools except waste money.. Why can't other people see it?

I agree with you 100% !!!!

Anybody that hires this incompetent slug deserves what they get. The guy was all talk and no action. He stayed here in Dade County until he spent all the reserves and then got the heck out. You people in Oregon are out of your minds.

You know what? I really hate when people dont know what they heck they are talking about. Rudy Crew was given the keys to the car.. They let him run his own show with his little monster San Pedro...
Maybe one or 2 board members didnt like him but he screwed up here. His Ideas did not work and he spent money til we were bankrupted. Next your going to tell me they didnt like him cuz hes black which is total BS.. This guy was incompetent.. And whether he was white, green, purple the guy bled us dry and thats the FACTS...

these people always fall like a CAT
but he is a bum !

watch out oregon!

What a ringing set of endorsements, yikes

Hey, sounds like this guy belongs right here in scandal central!

And if he's really from New York even better!

No one, on any level of government in Oregon should be making over $200,000k per year. And the number of people making over $150k should number in the single digits.

This is unconscionable.

With those ringing endorsements, he could be our gov!

Where is the League of Women Voters on this?

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