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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Gridlock with a backbeat

If you thought the evening commute on MLK and Grand in Portland was a chore, wait 'til Plaza Palooza starts. This is a Thursday evening outdoor concert series that the Convention Center is going to put on in a lot across the street, between MLK and Grand, beginning July 12. The shows are to start at 5 and end at 7, and admission is going be free of charge; they'll be quite popular. Being in a car or on a bus anywhere within a mile or two of these events is not going to be pleasant.

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So grouchy, ride a bike, walk or simply avoid the area. I think I will go see Curtis Salgado.

I like it. And I live just a few blocks away so I will be impacted. Some crowds and positive excitement in that area are a good thing. And yes, I do drive on occassion.

You can always count on the internet to produce somebody to argue with something that hasn't been said. I can walk there, too, and I just might. The shows look good.

But for you slow readers, the point of this post is that I pity the poor stiffs who are just trying to get home from work through there -- rush-hour traffic on that stretch blows already. In case you missed it, it's supposed to be a state highway.

And I sure as heck wouldn't get in the middle of that pack on a bicycle, especially if I was planning to have a beer or two at the show.

Traffic will be an absolute nightmare. Also, I hope there will be adequate security for the throngs of people who will be milling about. It's like the wild wild west around here these days.

Sounds like we'll be needing some condos in that area soon so people can walk/bike to their entertainment events.

That link came up session expired.

Here is a page that has a link to it:


Where's the money coming from for these art events? Metro? Which pot pays for free concerts?

The pot that is your check book.

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