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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Gatsby's house call

On one of his brief, occasional bachelor visits to Portland, the senior senator from somewhere sure knows how to rack up the media exposure.

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Free clinics on Light Rail is the answer.
It will bail out TriMet and lead to universal health care for all.

Gatsby will be having the same problems regarding residency as former Senator Lugar.

I always thought that if you are living in Oregon that you'd want your wife and children to join you. I thought residency was more than a coat in a closet. Gatsby won't be re-elected because of this.

Citizens are tired of poor representation. Holding one's hand like in the photo doesn't cut it.

lw -

If Gatsby is going to lose, he has to be beaten in a primary. He won't lose a general election in Oregon. He's a D. See, for example, David Wu.

Beating Gatsby in a primary is going to be very tough. Unlike the Rs with their tea folks, there is no real ideological split in the Ds in Oregon. Taking on an incumbent US Senator in your own party primary is not for the fainthearted.

Good luck raising $ 7 to $ 10 million minimum, to challenge Gatsby in a D primary.
TV stations would love all that New York money from Mrs. Gatsby and friends pouring in here for ads.

Will we see "the not so great one" eating strawberries next?
Wyden is such a fraud. As a currently registered D, I would love to see some brave person challenge him. He no more represents me than the "tea persons".

The faint, muffled sound you are hearing is Wayne Morse rolling over in his grave.

I'm not sure any dem would (or could) do things differently. The days of political independent thinking are long gone. No one gets there without a very large investment from the those pulling the strings. No one crosses those pulling the strings without being replaced.

The Gatsby was a plant on the Morse team.

I will chime in again with my being upset with Wyden's "slow" response to benzene in our air here. His response was in five years something would be done, how much sooner had his family lived here? Don't remember when the five years would be up, or the current status of the benzene in our "green sustainable" city.
Senator Wyden has done very little if anything regarding saving our Bull Run Water System.

Gatsby is more worried about super size soft drinks in NYC these days.

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