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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

We'll eat you up -- we love you so

Maurice Sendak has passed away. From "Little Bear" to "Wild Things" and beyond, he tucked us in many a night. A peaceful rest to him.

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"Wild Things" is my granddaughter's all-time favorite, like her mother before her. RIP.

Here's a hilarious two-part interview with Mr Sendak, conducted by Stephen Colbert in January:


"'The sad thing is, I like it,' Sendak told him. Colbert asked if he could get those exact words as a blurb. 'Absolutely,' Sendak told him."

The obit page of the newspaper of another city offers a Guest Book for mourners:

What a great guy! He will be missed by the children and adults who read to them.

I first read Where the Wild Things Are in 1971 or '72 at the recommendation of a librarian. For a short time, I was a substitute teacher in a day care while I waited to be drafted.

When my own kids came along I read 'Wild Things' so many times, that I would sometimes doze off reading it. The only way I could stay awake was to read the book backwards. Often word for word even though my preference was phrase by phrase.

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