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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Tough weekend for Portland mainstream media

We give the Portland TV, radio, and newspaper people a hard time -- almost as bad as we give the politicians. Being a former newspaperman, however, we have a soft spot in our heart for all of our local journalists as people. Believe it or not.

Today we read that Robert Caldwell, the editorial page editor of the O, has died, suddenly, of a heart attack, at age 63.

Yesterday we learned that one of the four men missing and now presumed dead off the coast of Washington State is Jay Bjaranson, 38, the brother of Blazer commentator and former KGW reporter Adam Bjaranson.

Condolences to the loved ones and co-workers of the two deceased men, both of whom leave families behind.

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It must have happened quickly, as there was no distress call from the boat - just the beacon, which only activates when it hits the water. That's tragic.

Sad to say, that in this sorrowful story there is yet another prime example of how our TV, radio and news people drop the ball and that with not explaining what could have taken the fishing boat so quickly.

I'm stunned. Bob and I met for coffee Friday morning and I took him on a tour of KXL. I had run into Bob and his wife a week earlier at a little Italian place we both liked...Genos in NW portland and he asked to meet. Over the years I've talked to bob quite a bit...sometimes to pitch writing for him...sometimes to gripe about something the paper had written. He put up with my barbs to "the Fishwrapper" with good humor. On Friday he looked great, was in a good mood...and he asked me to write a couple of pieces for the pages he edited and I told him I'd love to do it. 24 hours later he's gone. I considered Bob a friend and well be saying a prayer for his widow Laura tonight.

Abe, I would guess before an investigation takes place, speculation would not be in anyone's best interest.

At any rate, my heart goes out to all the families and friends of these men. Adam is a good friend of mine and one of the kindest people on the planet. I know tragedies aren't selective, but you sure hate to see this happen to a friend.

I agree it must have happened quickly, and I am interested in what the investigation will show.

Well this story just took a turn for the worst. Hope you and Lars can be fair and balanced about the news on this. I wonder if the O knew some of the apparent sordidness of the real story and at first reported he was found in his car? Someone couldn't keep a secret is my guess, and it was coming out regardless, so they made a "correction" to stay ahead of the game?

No one is safe when it comes to power (real or percieved) like Samrand or the planner warlord guy from a few weeks ago and now this guy.


I congratulate you for not piling on the Bob Caldwell sex scandal. It's just too easy. Sam Adams was mentoring a young man in much the same manner as Mr. Caldwell, and he's still Mayor.

It's the Portland Way! Go Buy Sex!

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