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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

They all come out to groove about

The other day Portland commissioner Nick Fish personally sent us a copy of his new brochure touting the city parks bureau's summer activities program:

Now, the cranky old man in us immediately recoils from this sort of propaganda -- full cover, six full-size pages, on card stock -- and part of us finds it a real shame that the city can't afford summer parks programs any more without getting major corporate money involved.

That said, it's hard not to like supervised playgrounds, lunches for needy kids, movies, and concerts, especially when they're all free to the parks patrons. Portland's a better place for having all of it, and whoever's rallying the troops to donate deserves everyone's support.

But getting back to the brochure, we're wondering why Hizzoner had to give his mug the prime placement in the whole thing. When you open up the cover, this is what you get:

Fish isn't up for re-election for another couple of years. Could he be running for something else?

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Mult..Co.Chair when the Cog runs for Gubbiner?

Go back and compare the number of summer parks with 12 hour weekday programs, lunches, etc, under Charles Jordan, and then look at this again. Sad.

Hey, but the brochures are fancier now, and there's streetcars!

Well, two summers ago - 2010 - We attended a Hullabaloo at Glenhaven Park - I accompanied the neighbor kids along with my son - and we climbed the portable repelling wall, played games, and stayed for the movie about skateboarding in New York City. Now I don't consider myself a prude, but the movie, in my opinion glorified vandalism, "Tagging", bullying, and generally destructive behavior by those skateboarding around the abandon buildings, parks, and sidewalks. The language was terrible F*** this, F*** that and many others, also, so I gathered the kids and left. I sent an old fashioned letter to Nick Fish, and never got an acknowledgement or response. I doubt he looked into the movie, its appropriateness or the lack of Character displayed by those staring in the Documentary. No more political support from our family.

Fish wants to close down the Fulton Park Community Center where there's 7 childcare programs, many nights of dancing, exercise programs, playgrounds, basketball, volley ball, classes, you name it. To save $80k, he claims. Cutting out just one of these brochures would save Fulton Park. No more political support from our family either.

If these clowns couldn't have their faces plastered all over these brochures, web pages, etc. it makes one wonder how many tax dollars would be saved in the process. There should be a city ordinance which prohibits the promotion and/or likeness of any individual elected official on any communication paid for with tax dollars. Sometimes it seems like every pet project is just another opportunity for these jerks to blown their own horns as opposed to tackling the big nasty problems such as crime and unfunded pension obligations.

What do you expect from a guy that didn't grow up here and considers himself part of the political class?

Another alien implant from NYC- any wonder why things are screwed up here?


Back in the early 1970s, when I was in the 7th and 8th grades, I'd take my kid sister and baby brother to Colonel Summers Park for free lunch in the summer. They had arts and crafts, and game/sports equipment for loan too. No corporate sponsorship necessary.

This brochure disgusts me. Commissioner Fish and Director Abbate go on and on about how they have no money and will have to close Fulton Park Community Center and Hillside Community Center (2 of the 4 westside centers, and 2 of the 3 that offer preschool) because they can't close anything else because it wouldn't go with their goal of "equity" within the city, yet they can produce this crap and build expensive to maintain poodle poop parks and trails in SoWhat. The summer program is great, but it's been cut so badly over the years that they really don't need to toot their own horns over it.

Just a note, Commissioner Fish answered my Email, I thought I sent a letter, from back on August 10, 2010. He obviously reads this blog!

So Jack, your opinion makes a positive difference in our lives, thank you!

PS, don't think this means I plan to agree with you all the time though! Thanks to Stenchy, too!

I just heard again that the master plan for the Lents Park cost $100,000!
If that figure is incorrect, Parks needs to let us know.

Let us have a list of how much money is spent on Master Plans.
Now Parks is planning a master plan at Washington Park. At what cost??

How many more Master Plans are in the works?

Plans, plans and more plans. Yet no restrooms open, no garbage pickup....
As far as I am concerned, I think it is cruel to close down Fulton Park Center. I don't live near there, but I know it is a wonderful place for that community.

Sounds like more plans leading up to a parks bond, pass it or else.

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