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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sparing no effort

Gang shootings in Portland are up to 30 for the year, and the first quarter isn't over yet. But rest assured that Sam Adams's police bureau is doing something about it.

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Thank God I don't live in Mexico!

Lemme guess:

A new gun ban?

They hired another Public Relations Professional to add to the Mayoral Staff?

They formed a gang outreach Task Force?

Portland is becoming the first Major American City to replace 911 with Twitter?

The Mayor will attend church in NoPo on Sunday and sing Danny Boy?

They're having a sternly worded news conference, and the Chief wore his Mean eyes?

He's outlawed wine at First Thursday?

{clicks on link}

DOH! I thought about sidewalk enforcement but figured it was too soon.

Now if they would just start publishing the location of all the radar guns on Google Maps, I'd be a honest citizen.

So...does that mean the cops will actually arrest bicycle hipsters who feel that sidewalks are their personal highways, or just hit them with their purses?

One of my favorite city hall moves is to do the "turn-in-your-guns-routine-with-no-questions-asked." The city supposedly destroys the guns turned in. What better way to get rid of a hot gun than to have the city destroy it for you.

Next up for the Adams crew is to have "turn-in-a-dead-body-with-no-questions-asked."

Can we possibly access some live video cams for this sting? Looks like a great chance to "occupy" Old Town today at lunch hour!!

Can't they get these gang bangers to get some of the Pork job building that Mystery train?

Give the gang bangers one of those contracts and I bet they stop shooting at each other and start eating out more.

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