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Thursday, March 29, 2012

For your weekend to-do list

We're still awaiting our shot in the Sweet 16 round of Willy Week's Mayoral Madness tournament. It looks as though our voting won't crank up until Saturday. And that's just when our opponent, Felicia Heaton, will be on the air, filling Portland's car radios with treacle. We'll need lots of help here, people.

This is important. Do you want Portland City Hall to be playing Air Supply in your ear while you're on hold waiting to report the pothole that swallowed your car? Vote for Bojack -- not for "The Pina Colada Song."

Comments (3)

Wait. You don't like Pina Colada? There goes my vote...

I actually LIKE Air Supply playing in my ear, but I prefer to listen out of my headphones.

Air Supply? There's not enough impotent whining in it for it to be a true Portland City Hall song. Hell, I don't think even Nickelback could pump out enough impotent whining for City Hall.

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