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Monday, March 19, 2012

Another young dude running for mayor

The media's refusal to cover lesser known candidates for public office makes many of us uncomfortable. Neighborhood Notes is making an effort to get around on the mayor's race. Here's an "armchair mayor" interview with one of the names on the list of those who says he would like to be the real mayor of Portland: Cameron Whitten.

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As a young guy, I think these guys are great. I think the media's lack of attention is bad for a number of reasons - particularly the message it gives other young people interested in getting involved: "you don't matter." Money and lineage also seem to be a basis for discrimination. Pretty sure Merrit Paulson would have gotten some media play if he wanted to run for something at 25.

As an old guy, I thank Mr. Whitten for clearly stating his goals and values -- no puffery, no blustering, no pandering.

Each of us has something to contribute, but most of us don't. Mr. Cameron has. I hope he continues because we need leaders with vision and compassion. We have enough leaders who rule like an Australian's nightmare.

I have also been endorsed by the Green Party, Portland Chapter, and by the Oregon Progressive Party for my dedication to public power, economic equality, and social justice.

I am the only African American running in this race, potentially going to be Portland's first Black Mayor(which we desperately need).

Please be involved in changing the culture of our government. While corporate media may oppress my voice and others', our community grows larger everyday, as I project my Visionary ideas.

Thanks for the shout out, Jack!

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