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Sunday, February 19, 2012

You *will* conform

A concerned reader sends along this story, and an apt comment:

No word yet on what happens if your kid has a food allergy or his/her parents don't want their kid eating GM foods. You'll take your USDA-approved, chicken nugget lunch and like it, kid!

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Those little lunch violators are just the tip of of the iceberg. Wait till the master recyclers start catching our little ones mixing compost and garbage. May I suggest re-education camps next to the immigration holding center in So- What?

School Lunches from Around the World

I graduated from high school in Vantucky in 2006 and the food supplied was pretty terrible over the entire K12 experience. At least they got rid of the fountain soda while I was there. How are PPS's offerings?

It's no surprise the kind of foods people develop a taste for when you look at what we give them to eat every school day as children and adolescents.

Haven't school districts long been in the business of aggregating little consumers for Food, Inc.?

Nanny government at it's finest. When I read something like this I always remember the line from Woody Allen's film 'Bananas' after the revolution has won. The new ruler makes the rule that "Underware will be changed every 4 hours. Underware will be worn on the outside so it can be checked." Can't wait for that one to come down the pike here.

Aaron- They've might have replaced the fountain soda, but they still offer diet soda (from vending machines). Which is way worse for you health-wise than the regular stuff.

I really want the people who classify the tomatoe sauce on pizza as a vegetable, dictating what is healthy for my kids. Not.

This is getting the children of our country to question parent's judgment.

I would question parent's judgment for complying with this dictate.

Corporation food stuff better than Mom's lunch?

How does it happen that so many children do not have food at home? It is all part of a downward spiral...

"When the people fear their government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty".
Thomas Jefferson

Because an agency devoted to the promotion and regulation of agricultural products should be dictating how children eat.

I yield the floor to anyone informed as to the nutritional value and cut that constitutes "deep fried chicken nuggets".

Parts is parts.

The saddest part of this story: chicken nuggets?! Second place: the way the school is behaving. Third place: school employees have now sent home two lunches that were actually better than the school lunch.

I went to a rural school that didn't have a cafeteria. When I went to college I finally understood how lucky I was to have a mom who cared about the food she served her family. I was really unaware until then how bad institutional food is in this country, and it definitely impacted my worldview. It's only gotten worse for my younger brothers and cousins. My mom lost her resolve with my youngest brother and I'm worried we've lost him to soda and fast food. It breaks my heart, and makes me take this subject very seriously.

I'm glad my kids are not in school anymore. The tyranny of public education under Kitzhaber, the state superintendent of education and responsible for all Oregonians from birth to age 20 sounds too controlling for me. Likely his state plans will be determined better than a family's whether it's presented in a paper lunch bag or as political beliefs that don't conform.

There is no other state in which a governor has undertaken such a power grab as Oregon, and no one has done much complaining. Local school boards are more irrelevant now than they have ever been. Older generations would not believe the level of control bureaucrats feel over citizens, and this is especially true of educators, urban planners and politicians. This is what convinced me I no longer wanted to be part of the ed. system and I watched carefully what my kids were being taught. The food and thought police aren't just in NC.

USDA and most other government agencies typically act as fronts for big business. In this case big agriculture.

While teaching preschool I had to pull a whole dog and pony show for the government food guys. It seems that they count how many kids are having school lunch and provide funding based on that. But they only count the kids that are drinking milk. Half my kids either weren't allowed to drink the milk or didn't like milk. But that day EVERYONE had milk.

Stupid. No wonder we are such a bunch of fatties. Our government is dominated by pushers of unhealthy schlock.

Well at least they haven't gone to water-less toilets (YET), like a school in Atlanta did.

Trouble was they had old steel pipes and the urine reacted with the metal and put big holes in them. So they started smelling really foul, stinky pee in the walls and had to rip up the building to the tune of Millions of dollars.

But our overlords are much wiser than us...

Ralph, Atlanta is the other end of the spectrum from Portland regarding planning, and they have their own problems. They declined an offer of municipal water supply from a federal reservoir back in the middle of the last century, thinking they'd never run out of water. Then they started to ask for regular supply from said reservoir later when their primary sources ran dry. Then, when the drought kicked in about 5 or more years ago, they almost ran out because they had no legal title to the water they had been receiving from the reservoir. It's a dire mess they've made for themselves.

Want the gubmint to stay out of your child's meal? Invoke faith.

You may not have many rights remaining, but you have the absolute right to never be offended, not even a little bit. Just say that you keep Kosher.

Oh, wait... that probably won't go over.

When enrolling your child, make it clear that your household is strictly halal, and that any sort of interference with your child's provided meal would represent the gravest possible transgression against your human rights and religious freedom.

Mention Nancy Grace, if you have to. Sadly, that's the only thing that will work.

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