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Monday, January 9, 2012

They just did it

A reader with a keen sense of history writes:

In 1917, the University of Oregon football team of 14 players and two coaches won the Rose Bowl. In 2012, the University of Oregon won the Rose Bowl with nearly 100 players and 14 coaches. I'm trying to attach some significance to that.

It's gotta be the shoes.

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Curiously, both have the same number of players graduating with degrees.

Yeah, but take American History. The 1917 group had almost a century less of it to learn.

All pretty good fun there!

But, that mention of 1917, and college, etc., makes me wonder:

Did any of those '17 Rose Bowlers end up "over there" and if so, what was their fate? Not including the 63,114 that died from the Spanish Flu and other non-military causes, the U.S. suffered over 116,000 men killed (plus over 600 Merchant Marines), and over 200,000 wounded in just over a year and a half.

Any ol' Ducks or Oregon history buffs here know?

And how much was the football budget in 1917 compared to 2012?
Of course there were no TV rights or other money making endeavors around in 1917... But still...
And how much were the 2 coaches paid? They had no PERs benefits then either.

It was also easier to stay on the team in 1917. For one thing, cars in those days didn't go 118 mph.

Lloyd Tegart, who caught the touchdown pass in the 1917 Rose Bowl, went on to serve in the Navy in WW1 then returned to Oregon for his Medical degree. He practiced medicine for the rest of his life in Portland.

Wow! Thanks, sweetbriar!

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