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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

OMG! Actual snow!

It has been snowing for the better part of an hour here at Blog Central. Steadily and pretty hard. Big, wet snow.

It's warm enough (35.6F) that nothing is really sticking, but there's a thin layer of white on the rooftops, the cars, and the grass. Cancel everything! Stay indoors! We'll have all the latest updates here all night. Team coverage! Of the brutal storm of '12.

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Over here at about 850 feet up on Mt. Sylvania, the morning snow finally quit about 3:00 PM, turned to rain, and turned back to snow, sticking snow, about 7:30 PM.

Roads by PCC Sylvania could be real "interesting" tomorrow AM if we get a hard freeze tonight.

It is remarkable the differences that altitude, and therefore temperature, cause with our very local "micro climates".

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