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Sunday, January 15, 2012

It has begun

We've some serious big white flakes falling in our part of town at this hour. Let the panic begin!

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Hey, no snow in SE PDX or Milwaukie , but get the gravel trucks out early, avoid the rush. Peers folks need the overtime. Chain up the buses,block the roads, and make sure the TV scoundrels get out to Troutdale and warn us all....

I think it's pretty callous of the NFL to go ahead with their regularly scheduled playoff games, when we're in the middle of an emergency like this.

I can hear the air raid siren from here. Good thing I stocked up on water and ammo.

its snowing but the pdx snow site isnt saying so...

Has the Mayor showed up yet with his new winter outfit?

all gone- powdered sugar at 7am=poof!

Had a beautiful little snowfall at 7 a.m. when I got up - all gone now. Goodbye Snocopolypse! (Although the TV Stations actually had the usual suspects at the usual places to get footage of the reporters shoe in 1/8 inch of snow...)

Saw Adams on the news last night in his snow costume: a parka and a hat with the fuzzy ear flaps. What a tool.

About 6" and more coming down up here in Brightwood. My kid is up at Skibowl and says the snowboarding is amazing. :)

Who let out the dogs of winter, 1:30pm looks like it is time to harness the power of snow ploughs and blowers.

May the power of the new moon be with us.

Whoops, all gone.

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