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Monday, December 19, 2011

Death of Kim Jong-Il: Portland reacts

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Little known fact, Mayor Adams likes his underage playthings to call him 'Dear Leader'.

Homer must buy his jackets from the same tailor.

I knew he was il, but I didn't know he was THAT il.

Excellent. Just freakin' excellent.

On the plus, Kim Jong Il's death provides a career opening for someone with Randy's unique skill set.

Lil' Kim was an inspiration to urban planners everywhere.

North Korea's carbon footprint is minuscule!

We can all learn a great lesson from North Korea:

Unless we learn to conform, obey orders, defer to our leaders' judgment and follow their' directives immediately and unquestioningly, we have no hope of remaining a free people.

As funny as this is there is legitimate comparision to the local central planning regime.

Our local officials who are using massive public sums to impose their will upon the unwilling public is a disgrace.

But that's what totalitarians do.

We hear all of their usual propaganda justifying their agenda but the bottom line is they must force it upon communities.

The unethical Portland-TriMet-Metro web of madness is threatened by the public voting on any of their projects.

Now we're entering another election year and every status quo establishment candidate will hide their allegiance to the modern day public-private partnership mob.

Great Leader may be gone but local politicians still have Castro and Chavez to look up to. This has been a tough year for Portland leaders. They lost several of their idols in the mid-east. Not that any of that would actually make them rethink their current strategy or anything.

Love the "Korean Food Aisle" comment.

badda bing.

Lil' Kim was an inspiration to urban planners everywhere.

North Korea's carbon footprint is minuscule!

Most excellent comment!

By your beige slop bucket shall you remember him.

Brilliant Jack. Please find excuses to post that Randy picture even after he's gone.

North Korea's carbon footprint is minuscule! LMAO. Check out the night photo of The Korean Peninsula. It's carbon footprint night every night North of the DMZ.


This is just as good as the day when the Bob Packwood story broke and K103 (which normally does not get involved in political discussion) then-morning DJ Craig Walker played "Young Girl" by Gary Puckett and the Union Gap.

Great post! One of your best.

Every one of them favor forceably imposing their agenda upon the public and will conspire to do so while claiming they are not.

IMO ANY alternative candidate for the Mayor of Portland would attract an immediate 40% of the voters.

With the campaign rapidly encouraging many more the people would have their way with these people sooner rather than later.

Kim Jong should've gotten the Nobel prize rather than Al Gore. Al Gore just talks about reducing carbon, Kim Jong starved millions of people in order to reduce the carbon footprint of his country. He was the most effective enviromentalist ever. Kim Jong actually accomplished everything that Metro, CoP and TriMet just talk about.

I wonder if there is a Kim blow up doll some place? It could keep Stency company.

And that son "un Kim" is one scary young man.

This provides lead into discussion on where to find the best kim-chee in town. I think I may have found it, home-made by a very nice lady at the teriyaki mom-and-pop shop on 31st and Barbur.

Kim-chee makes for excellent motivation to hibernate, in the spirit of charity toward others. One wonders whether foods like kim-chee have contributed to the North Koreans' spectacular, humble endurance over the years. Here's hoping for better times over there.



You win free interweb!

He be 'illin while I be chillin'

It just goes to show you that if you destroy your economy (coming soon) and keep the people in constant fear of attack (the terrorists hate our freedoms), you can keep the people subdued and impoverished for decades.

And now that they have the internet kill switch, the legal(?) means to arrest USA citizens without probable cause, and virtual total control of our food and energy resources, we are getting really close to being another failed state under a dictatorship.

Kim Jong Il and son inspect new sustainable infill housing, doubtless with bike paths near by!


We need to hire the announcer to narrate the next CoP propaganda video explaining how wonderful the Portland planning process is - I think she hits the right emotional tone for such a video! The music is nice too...

Too funny.

Actually, there is a breach of the sustainability ethos in the North Korean housing video - at 4:02, Kim Jong Il looks at some toilet paper included as part of the North Korean Welcome Wagon gift packs.

As we all know, the CoP Bureau of Planning and Sustainability will soon decree that use of toilet paper is "unsustainable", and will therefore order the Portland citizenry to use old newspapers or moistened washable rags, as part of increasing Portland's world-wide reputation for "sustainability".

Sad to see that North Korea, which is so progressive and sustainable in so many areas, could make such an elementary error.

...we are getting really close to being another failed state under a dictatorship.

An article today about how concerned Obama is now about human rights, democracy, and freedom of press in Venezuela.


Here in Reno on talk radio they were poking fun at North Korea as being the "perfect" nation for environmentalists. It has a low carbon footprint and lots of bike lanes and donkey carts - most pulled by humans. And it's all sustainable - as long as you don't starve to death..

Expect a move by the mayor and city council to rename some major street to Kim Jong Il in the near future...

And there's quite a few light rail/tram lines in use...HOWEVER, there's a lot of trolleybuses. Can't have none of those bus things in Portland.

Very few highways, very few airports...AND, best of all, travel is a privilege. You have to give a reason to leave town or you can't leave at all. And because of trade embargoes, most of their goods are made either locally for by their immediate neighbor (China). Their light rail/subway system did use recycled cars from Berlin, however (while Portland insists on building new cars.)

I keep thinking his death is all a hoax and he's going to pop up from somewhere and arrest/execute all the people who are celebrating his demise.


C'mon Jack, don't go putting Stenchy in with those vermin!!

Where is Sam Adams? Surely he must have Twatted something by now.

Please don't use the pluperfect of that verb on this blog.

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