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Friday, October 28, 2011

Pitbull shows teeth

Randy Leonard and the Occupy crowd -- a match made in heaven. "Know who your friends are." He wears power so well. Surely his threats will keep everybody in line.

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Nice little encampment you have here. Hate to see anything bad happen to it...

"We -the entire city council- are your friends...at present."

I'd hate to have to send my hit squad by your house to look for code violations.

"I'll get you, my pretty, and your little dog too!"
Randys red and white striped socks gave him away a long time ago.

Randy Leonard--the only pol in Portland who can do good cop/bad cop as a one man show.

"Keep your friends close but your enemies closer" Don Corleone

"I am very proud of how our Portland Police have interacted with the Occupy Movement"

Dear Taxpayers,

I am a buffoon who has zero repsect fot the taxpayers money. So along with my pride in how the city has accomodated Occupy Portland I have this middle finger for anyone complaining about the $200K in police overtime.

Realizing of course that there will be many thousands more in costs I'd like to pre-emptively give another middle finger to the coming complainers.


Millionaire Randy

“I have been clear to the media and anyone that asks that I believe any criticism by the business community and others of the Occupy Portland movement in Portland should not deflect the more important message of economic inequities that plague working class Americans.”

And as long the business community continues to pay lofty fees and taxes so the government can keep paying me my pension I will continue to support your cause for economic justice except when it pertains to me.

In the words of the immortal Bugs Bunny. “What a maroon.”

Saw a mention of twitter this afternoon that the Fire dept was walking around the camps. Coincidence?

What a creep!

Perhaps Randy will post signs with that big red "U" around the site.

In my opinion, the Occupy folks are a little too accepting of the troublemakers in their current site. Any club owner -- MAC or biker bar -- will tell ya' that you must have bouncers. Some of that 99% you don't want "helping" you.

You know someone should point out to King Randy the code violations in the food prep areas of "occupy" Portland..

I thought food prep required running hot and cold water, not running hot and cold sewage.

Also suprised the Utopian Engineering Committee wasn't building any composting latrines. Guess nobody goes into the Army anymore.

I'm certainly no fan of Randy's but I'm flat tired of the mess that the 'Occupy' crowd has become. You excercised your first amendment rights, in many ways you've shown yourselves to be foolish. Please just go away. Outside of being annoying you are not serving any other purpose, go find a job, move out of the state, just go away and let the working people work so we can continue to pay taxes and support you.

These brave souls are out there for you and me. Our Constitution is under assault by the mega Corps and Banks and crooked politicians , and these people are out there so you don't have to be. Quit whining
[ and I am looking at you Leonard ] and support our Democracy in Action.
If our fellow citizens want to exercise their 'right to assemble' in a public place [ jamison square ] then they have the right to do so. It is Our City ,Randy , not yours alone.

P S thanks to all the Cops for doing a great job.

These brave souls are out there for you and me....

Brave souls fought in order for us to have a country.
What I find distressing about our Constitution being under assault is that so many brave souls gave their lives for our country and freedom...
sad to think that might be an old fashioned concept now.
Our freedoms are being taken and what so many fought for has been hijacked by some who only have greed and power in mind, and do not care one whit about our country except what they can extract out of it for themselves. Sad indeed.
What does our flag represent now in the world?

Don't know about the folks at Occupy, from what I hear all kinds of people support this, perhaps those who have no home are more likely to actually need a place to stay...and that in itself is a sad commentary...that we have so many empty buildings, kitchens and bathrooms and yet so many homeless and some with families, what does that say about our society?

I know people who are qualified who have applied for many jobs and are still looking...some may have cushions/people to assist...until one has walked in the shoes of those occupying, perhaps more tolerance and understanding is needed.

There are always bad apples in a bunch, I suggest those who are critical start looking at those sitting in DC, lobbyists and wall street. They can cloak themselves with fine appearances, does that make their behavior more acceptable?

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