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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Z-Bo's posse allegedly whacks another guy

At least former Jail Blazer Zach Randolph's entourage didn't kill anyone this time. They merely allegedly beat a guy with a pool stick, at Randolph's West Linn crib, over the price he was seeking in a marijuana sale. Randolph was reportedly at home at the time, but is said not to be a suspect.

With the NBA season likely to be postponed or canceled due to labor strife, Randolph, who now plays for Memphis, will likely be around West Linn more than ever in the months ahead. Big fun.

Comments (5)

He's gotta make the mortgage payments somehow. Might as well be a drug bank, and fuel the shootings in Portland!

I'm glad I don't live any where near that guy! I wonder what the other high dollar neighbors think of all this.
Of course I remember 50 years ago, when WL was just a sleepy little mill town...the poor relation to Oregon City, and certainly not one of the "best places to live".

So there was an altercation... in Z-bo's house... over the price of a drug. And he isn't considered to be a suspect?

My, how the world works in mysterious ways, sometimes...

So...a drug dealer goes over to Zach Randolph's house, gets into a fight and then calls the cops. My two cents is that this is going nowhere because it sounds like it's the drug dealer's word against the "hoops family" in terms of who started what and so forth. It's that "proof beyond a reasonable doubt" thing that makes this a tough one.

And an admitted drug dealer goes free?

Need Sister Mary to rap their knuckles, all of them!

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