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Monday, August 22, 2011

What day is it?

You would expect the website of Portland's daily newspaper to know:

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It didn't take them that long to change it. Did they give you editors credit? Did they find it, or do they closely monitor your site?

The Oregonian frequently posts stories online that are then published in the print edition the next day. This, and a lack of editors, causes a lot of mistakes to sneak by.

How much is this costing?
Who is benefiting?
Who is paying?

Why not do a few first to see how they look in the neighborhood and if they function properly and what happens after several years with these instead of peppering 60 at one time?

At any rate, an open house of such importance at this time? They might as well have held it on Christmas Eve!
But then, some of us know what these open houses are about, so maybe it doesn't matter anyway.

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